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Friday, June 16, 2017

10 Ways to Honor Dad at Your Wedding

10 Ways to Make Dad Feel Special on Your Wedding Day

Everyone’s relationship with their dad is different, and there is definitely not a one-size-fits-all approach on how to honor your parents on your wedding day. While some brides proudly fit the “Daddy's little girl” description, others may be looking for a way to make their dad feel special on their wedding day that fits their unique relationship. Here are some of our favorite ways that bride can honor her dad on her wedding day.

A First Look with Dad - Once your make up is done and your dress is on, plan a first look with dad so he can share a special moment as he sees you for the first time as a bride. 

Father Daughter Dance - While it is by no means a new tradition, dancing a Father/Daughter dance with your dad is a very special way to share the spotlight with him on your wedding day. Rather than choosing one of the common Father/Daughter dance songs, surprise your dad with a song choice thats special to you, and get the DJ or emcee to introduce it with the story behind the song.



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A Special Gift for Dad - Surprise your dad with the sentimental gift on your wedding day. Photo books are always a great idea, and in the past few years we've seen so many great ideas on Pinterest of personalized gifts like pocket squares or handkerchiefs embroidered with a message to your dad. Another option is to plan ahead and have your photographer take a photo that will be given as a gift after the wedding. One idea is a photo of you holding your parents’ wedding photo, or a sign with a special message to your dad. 

A Wedding Memorial - For those whose dads are no longer with us, there are many ways to acknowledge your dad with a memorial or memento. Carrying a photo of your dad in a charm is a popular option, as it can be attached to the bouquet or shoe to carry with you throughout the day. You can also wear a locket with a photo inside or display a photo of your dad somewhere at the reception. Another option is to save a seat at the ceremony for him, by placing a photo, sign or candle on it.



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Play His Wedding Song - Find out your parents’ first dance song, and have the DJ make sure he or she plays it at your wedding. Another sweet option is to use your parents first dance song as your own.

Signature Cocktail for Dad - Who says the signature cocktail has to be named after the bride or the groom? If your dad is known for always ordering an old-fashioned, add that to your signature cocktail list and name it after your dad.

Of course, we can't forget about the groom! So many guys have great relationships with their dad, but often the focus at the wedding is for the groom to honor his mom. However, there's no reason the groom can't shine a spotlight on his dad as well.

Spend the Wedding Morning with Dad - Rather than spending the entire day with your groomsmen, why not set aside a few hours to spend alone with your dad? Perhaps he’ll share some great last-minute advice over a round of golf, or a great brunch.



 Courtney’s Dad kept a bible that was especially hers since she was born. He would write notes, highlight verses, and sometimes even preach out of it. As a surprise, he gave it to her on her wedding day. 
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Escort Dad to His Seat - While it is common for the groom to escort his mom to her seat at the wedding ceremony, who's to say the groom can't also walk beside his dad to begin the ceremony?

A Groom’s Wedding Memorial - For grooms who have had to say goodbye to dad before the wedding, there are many ways you can remember him on your wedding day. There are lots of unique ways to incorporate a photo if your dad, like custom cufflinks or a photo charm attached to your boutonniere. More subtly, you can also choose to wear something of your dad’s on your wedding day, like his cufflinks, pocket watch or a pocket square. Of course, a photo display is a great idea too! 

Toast to Dad - Your dad will not be expecting to have all eyes on him at your wedding, so taking a moment to toast the man who raised you into who you are today we'll be a touching and heartfelt tribute.



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We hope these ideas have helped you create a plan to make your dad feel special on your wedding day! Cherish those special moments before the wedding and raise your glass to the special man in your life whom you call dad.  



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