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Monday, May 15, 2017

Team Wedding - Knoxville Wedding Planner


It’s our pleasure to introduce you to Marvyl Triscritti. She’s the woman behind one of Knoxville’s top wedding planning & design companies –Team Wedding. Passionate about easing the load for busy brides-to-be, Team Wedding offers full-service wedding planning and has been known to bring to life any vision her clients can dream up, whether it’s a rustic and feminine Smoky Mountain destination wedding, or a modern and classy affair. Marvyl takes pride in removing the stress of planning every detail, and is there for her clients every step of the way.


Marvyl brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Team Wedding. Starting out in the industry as a wedding photographer, then spending a few years working for a catering company, it was after trying her hand at different aspects of planning a wedding that she realized that she loved all of it. In January 2016, Team Wedding was born. 

A quick peek at Team Wedding’s Facebook and WeddingWire pages reveal an abundance of 5-star reviews, something that Marvyl regards as a career highlight. 

“It's always exciting to get our wedding published, but I think the highlights of my career so far have been getting to read the thank you notes and reviews from our brides and grooms. I love getting to read that we made such an big impact on their lives, and the friendships I've gained through getting to meet so many wonderful brides and grooms has truly been amazing.”

We had the chance to ask Marvyl a few questions to share her expertise and shed some light on current trends, choosing the right wedding planner and her best advice for couples planning a wedding in Tennessee. Enjoy! 

What’s the most important thing that couples need to know when hiring a wedding professional in your field?

I think the most important thing is to meet with a planner and make sure your personalities jive. It's ok to meet someone and not feel their vibe, but working with someone who doesn't "get you" can have a negative effect on your vision for your day. Meet with them and see if they are on the same page as you with what you want, and if it's someone you'd be able to call anytime you needed them.

What changes have you seen in the way couples approach wedding planning over the years you have been in business?

Brides are definitely planning last minute now! Engagement periods used to be a year or two, but now we have brides booking three to six months before their wedding. That's why so many brides DEFINITELY need a planner or day of coordinator now!

Let’s talk about the current wedding trends – what are you seeing in weddings in 2017 that you are absolutely loving?

I love that colors are coming back into play! We've had a few years of subtle blushes and golds, and now bold colors are making their way back onto the scene. There's nothing better to me than a wedding full of color!

When a couple comes to you and says they have no ideas, or perhaps that they have too many ideas, how do you draw find out what they want? What are some of the questions you ask or clues you look for?

Thanks to Pinterest and the internet, it's so easy for brides to get overwhelmed with too many choices. If my brides are overwhelmed, I ask them to start by figuring out what they want their event to feel like. Do you want formal? Casual? Do you want the "WOW" reaction? Once we narrow down that, I then have them pick their color palette. Once they choose those two things, they rest really falls into place quickly.

How can couples make a wedding unique?

The best way to make a wedding unique is to find a way to add your story into the wedding. If you have a funny story of how you met, or a favorite TV show that you always watch together...find a way to incorporate those little aspects of your lives and personalities into your day.

If you could give couples one piece of advice, what would that be?

Don't let anyone else make a decision about your day. You can't please everyone, so at the end of the night the only people that you should care about making happy is you two! You'll regret letting someone else change your mind about something you really wanted.

We’re so proud to call Team Wedding a Bride Link Preferred Professional! To learn more about Team Wedding, and to contact them about working their magic at your wedding, you can view their vendor listing here.

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