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Friday, May 26, 2017

Do You Need a DJ for your Wedding?

Do You Need a DJ for your Wedding?

When it comes to music at weddings, the debate used to be between a band and a professional DJ. Nowadays, the debate often includes another option - DIY DJing with an iPod. Why shell out big bucks for a DJ when you could rent a sound system and pre-program your wedding music in a playlist? 

As with any wedding-related choice, there are always pros and cons involved. If you’ve narrowed down the decision to the DJ and iPod options, the big difference in cost will definitely leave you wondering… do you really need a DJ at your wedding? Here’s what we think… 

DJs have every song you need.

While most couples are on board with choosing music well before their wedding, and some even have their guests pre-request songs on RSVP cards, there are always song requests that pop up on the spot. If you go with a live band, there’s always a chance that they won’t be prepared to play every off-the-cuff request. DJs are likely to have everything you could possibly request up their sleeve - or they’ll be able to use an internet connection (if it’s available) to download a song into their collection on the spot. Wether your guests want something eclectic or they’ve got an ancient family tradition in mind, a DJ will have what you need. 

They can help with guest issues.

DJs can see how the party is going and actually help keep your guests happy. If they get lost, have a question, or if the music isn't quite what they are liking, a professional DJ can step in and get things going smoothly for you, they can guide guests to where they need to be, and keep a steady flow of great music that both you and your guests will love. 

You’d be surprised to know how often a DJ turns into an impromptu wedding coordinator - they can tell when guests are feeling restless, and know how to keep the festivities moving. Similarly, they have the ability to notice when a sentimental moment is building up, and know to pause the program to let that happen, rather than rushing into the next thing on the schedule. 

They have professional grade equipment.

We’ve all been to a wedding where no one can hear what’s going on, due to a bad microphone or poor audio connection. One of the best things a DJ has to offer - besides creating an awesome dance party - is that they’ve got the right equipment for the job, and they’re on hand to make sure it’s working. This is a huge risk of using rental equipment and an iPod. No one present is experienced enough with the gear to troubleshoot any problems! A great DJ will be able to mitigate problems with equipment, usually before anyone even notices. 


An experienced wedding DJ is worth their weight in gold. After performing at literally hundreds of weddings, they have the ability to anticipate just what you need and when. Often we assume that the emcee you’ve chosen will be able to take care of making sure the wedding reception runs smoothly, but it’s usually the DJ who is giving cues to the emcee, letting them know to wait two minutes to announce dinner, because not everything is in place, or that they should wait until Mom’s back from the bathroom before getting started with the speeches, or if the photographer is still setting up their lights before you get the first dance started… you get the picture! The average emcee doesn’t look at all of the same details that a DJ does to ensure that the reception runs smoothly.

Reading the crowd. 

Even if you’ve chosen a great playlist for your wedding, without a DJ to read the crowd and play the right song at the right time, even the best song might fall flat on the dance floor. An iPod can’t tell when grandma is about to leave, but a DJ can, and will be sure to play a slow song so the groom has a chance to take her for a spin on the dance floor. With the ability to play a wide range of music, a DJ can adjust the mood of the dance floor to suit the older crowd when your young guests are distracted by the awesome photo booth, and they can pump up the energy with pop hits when your college girlfriends hit the dance floor. A great DJ will take the songs you’ve asked for and mix them in with their own selections, in order to create a great experience for everyone attending.

Music at a wedding is just as important as anything else. If you feel on the fence about a DJ, look over these reasons and do your own research on wedding DJs. You will find that they make an excellent choice and will really make your wedding a unique experience.

Happy planning!

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