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Friday, May 12, 2017

Celebrating Mom on Your Wedding Day

Five Ways to Make Your Mom Feel Special On Your Wedding Day

For some brides, their wedding day has been a day they’ve dreamed of ever since they could remember. However, it’s easy to forget that some moms have been dreaming of their daughter’s big day for years too! Your wedding day, in a way, is also a big day for her. She gets to see her little girl marry the one person besides herself and her own husband that will take care of her for the rest of her life. That's why it is important that mom knows she is remembered and cherished on your big day. For your wedding, make sure you do something special for your mother. Here are a few great ways to make Mom feel special and acknowledge how important this day is to her.

  • A sentimental gift.

One way to make your wedding extra-special for your mom is to give her a special gift on the wedding day that is heartfelt and sentimental. A beautiful picture frame enclosed with a picture with from a special occasion, a meaningful letter from you and your husband-to-be, or even a simple handkerchief with an embroidered message is sure to make your mom feel like she has the best daughter on earth!

  • Get ready with her.

Another little thing that will make her feel significant is if she gets ready with you. It might seem small to you, but to her, that is the biggest gesture you could ever bestow on to her. It's her last time for some quality time with her child for a while, and she gets to be one of the first to see you in your beautiful dress. This also ensures you get a bit of much needed motherly advice and any cold feet melted away.

  • Let her escort you instead of Dad


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Who says you have to go the traditional route? Having Mom escort you down the aisle not only makes her feel completely honored, but it is a big gesture that will show everyone present just how important she is to you. If you don’t want to leave Dad out, you can always choose to be escorted down the aisle by both parents - one on either side. Nothing beats the feeling of being surrounded by love while you walk down the aisle! 

  • Wear her jewelry.


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You know the old ‘something borrowed’ thing most brides-to-be do? Make it mean something to Mom and make your wedding unique by your "something borrowed" being her jewelry. You don't have to deck yourself out in all of her jewels; just a few items of hers that are both classic and would tie in with your wedding. It will make her feel loved and special, and it will add a bit of vintage class to your wedding!

  • Thank her -- Publicly!


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Lastly, when you are saying a few words at your reception with your new husband, make sure you remember to thank your mom publicly. Let her know that all the time and effort that went into helping you plan this wedding, as well all of the joys and challenges of raising you, were never taken for granted. She will be surprised and happy all at once, and it is one of the best gifts you could ever give her: praise and acknowledgment for all her hard work.

We all get caught up in thinking our weddings are special only to ourselves and our husbands-to-be. But in reality, it's special to Mom as well. There are many things you can do for your mother to make her feel special and loved on your wedding day, but these five gestures are of the utmost respect and meaning to her. Which special gift will you give your mom on your special day?



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