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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

12 Alternatives to Wedding Cake

Totally Bored of Wedding Cake? Here are 12 Awesome Alternatives. 

We all love a great piece of wedding cake, but there are many reasons to toss the 3-tier tradition out the window. After all, it’s your wedding - and there are definitely no rules when it comes what to serve for dessert!

Choosing an alternative wedding dessert may be a good way to save a few pennies. Some venues charge a cake cutting fee that can add as much as a few dollars per person to the bill! We’ve included some budget friendly alternatives below, as well as a few that may be a bit of a splurge. Whatever you choose, we’re sure your guests will be pleasantly surprised!



Emily Sacra Photography viaThe Budget Savvy Bride

Just try to look for wedding inspiration in 2017 on Pinterest without seeing a donut wall - it’s practically impossible! They may be everywhere this year, but we can definitely see why. With so many fun display options and all sorts of crazy colors and flavors, donuts are bound to be a hit at any wedding. 



Maggie Austin Cakes via United With Love

If you still want the taste of cake but want to think outside of the box, let us introduce you to… cakelets! Usually served as three small circles of cake with buttercream between each layer, cakelets will satisfy those wedding cake cravings while bringing something cute and creative to the (dessert) table. 



Photo: Christa Taylor via Southbound Bride 

Tasty, pretty, and quintessentially southern, pies are a perfect wedding cake alternative. There’s no limit to the flavors served, or the size. Bonus points if they’re homemade! 



Image:  Tracy Shoopman Photography 

The best part of serving cookies instead of wedding cake: the options are endless! From monogrammed sugar cookies in your wedding colors to big, gooey chocolate chip cookies, the hardest part will be choosing what kind to serve. On the other hand, why choose at all!? Did someone say cookie buffet!?

Oreo Cake 


Hibben Photography via Fab You Bliss

Stacking Oreo cookies in tiered layers will make a great substitute for a traditional wedding cake, and is sure to make your wedding guests smile. Serve with tumblers filled with milk so guests can dunk to their heart’s content! 

Rice Krispies 


Via OffBeat Bride 

Rice Krispie squares will have all of your friends feeling like kids again! Cover them with sprinkles, or add M&Ms or jelly beans to match your wedding colors. These are so easy to make that you could easily whip up the entire batch with the help of your bridal party - and they’re easy on the budget too! 

Sundae Bar


via Buzzfeed

A sundae bar will double as a DIY activity for your guests, when you provide them with an assortment of toppings. 



via Huffington Post

We’ve noticed a trend of teetering pancake towers in online wedding inspiration, and we can’t wait to see more pancakes served as dessert at real weddings. Topped with piles of fresh fruit and whipped cream… our mouths are watering just thinking about it! 



Photo via PlanYourPerfectWedding

Chic cheese-loving couples can stack wheels of cheese to mimic a wedding cake, and serve with a variety of crackers, breads and fruits. 



Photo via Mrs2be

Delicate, delicious macarons are perfect for a formal, feminine affair. Macarons look gorgeous on tiered platters or on mismatched china - so pretty! 



Who doesn’t love a rich chocolatey brownie!? Take your wedding dessert decadence to the next level by swapping wedding cake for brownies and we can guarantee that none of your guests will be complaining. 

Candy Bar 



Via Daily Mail

A picture perfect candy bar is by no means a new wedding idea, but we never fail to see people flock to a good sweets table as soon as it’s seen. If your venue is already serving a dessert as part of the meal, a candy bar is likely to be enough to satisfy a guests sweet tooth after dinner.

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