Seaside Bridals from Red Boat Photography
Red Boat Photography
Monday, March 20, 2017

Seaside Bridals from Red Boat Photography

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Beautiful Camry is what photographer Red Boat Photography described as a 'quintessential Carolina girl'. Her southern grace and love for the coast inspired her lovely sunrise bridal session. We're gushing over that pale pink sky as her backdrop... how graceful is she?! With a very southern lace-trimmed veil and an elegant strapless gown, Camry looks almost as if she's dancing on the beach! When dreaming of your own bridal session, try to think of places, objects, or themes that are genuinely you. The sand dollar, sponge, and elegant and flowy ribbons by Boxwood Avenue all came together to portray Camry in her natural setting. 

From the photographer, Red Boat Photography: "Camry is the quintessential Carolina Girl. She is graceful from years of ballet. Her smile is sweet, her accent charming, and her gracious ways bespeak her southern upbringing. Born and raised in North Carolina and alumnae of NC State University, she has spent her entire life in the Old North State. After recently moving to the coast, we decided her bridals must be on the beach, and at sunrise of course! I wanted the session to be unique to the area, a great barrier island off the coast of North Carolina. The island is simple yet alluringly beautiful. I have personally frequented the island since childhood, and brought along elements of the sea that I had found washed ashore. The sponge and sand dollar were the perfect organic, simple (yet elegant) props we needed to complete the look. We finished the look of a maritime bouquet with the perfect bespoke silk ribbons by Boxwood Avenue. Our bridal session will provide inspiration for brides looking for unique and fresh ways to pull off a coastal look to their wedding or bridal session."

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Photographer: Red Boat Photography | Handmade Goods Designer: Boxwood Avenue | Dress Store:  Bridal Mart | Apparel:  Custom Sews | Jewelry: Diamonds Direct Crabtree

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Photography: Red Boat Photography