Creative Alternatives To A Typical Bachelor Party
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Friday, March 3, 2017

Creative Alternatives To A Typical Bachelor Party

Creative Alternatives To A Typical Bachelor Party

Before a wedding, it’s tradition for the groom to get together with his groomsmen and closest friends to celebrate one last night of ‘freedom’. However, times have changed and some men just want to have a lighthearted get-together with their friends. We recently shared some ideas on how to throw a bachelorette party for ladies who want something more adventurous (or maybe even more relaxed!) than your typical night out dancing and drinking. What about the guys? While there are plenty of men who will be content with a typical gentlemens’ club outing, there are many more who would rather spend a day or night with their groomsmen and friends doing something different than that. 

For the ladies, it seems like there are a few more ideas that are easy to come by - it’s not as if many men would throw a ‘spa day’ bachelor party! However, we came up with even more fun ideas for the men - for all different interests and levels of activity.  

Creative Bachelor Party Ideas:


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 Get lost in the woods

Who says your bachelor party just has to be one day? Gather your closest compadres and head out on a camping trip. With our close proximity to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, it's a no brainer choice for a great getaway! 

 Go on a geocaching quest 

Geocaches are hidden clues that can be found using GPS or a mobile device - there are more than two million geocaches hidden around the world… that should keep you and your groomsmen busy for a few hours! 


Fore! Golfing doesn’t need to be reserved for a wedding-morning activity. Hit the golf course for a bit of healthy competition with your friends, and enjoy some post-game food at the clubhouse. 

Get Shot!

-Speaking of healthy competition, nothing brings that out like the fear of being shot…. by a paintball, that is! Book a private Paintball game so that you and your friends have the field all to yourselves. 

Cheer on the Groom's Favorite Team 

Get tickets to watch your favorite pro sports team play live. Why not splurge and get some of the best seats in the house? You only get one bachelor party, after all!

Brew Tours 

Find a local brewery tour and have a guys night out! Book yourselves spots on a brewery tour or craft beer tasting for a delicious and memorable experience. Bring your own personalized beer mug to poke fun at the groom or unite the crew.  

Whiskey Tasting

For a more relaxed at-home party, host a whisky tasting, where each guy brings a bottle of his favorite whiskey, and a few snacks to pair with them. With Lynchburg, Tennessee being the home of Jack Daniels, the taste of Lynchburg tour is the perfect place to start 

At Home Barbecue

 If all else fails, have a killer backyard BBQ! There’s nothing better than good food on the grill, a drink in your hand, and being surrounded by your closest friends. 

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