You, Me, and Lulu makes three.
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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

You, Me, and Lulu makes three.

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Animals just make everything better, don't they?  When a pet is included in a beautiful engagement session or a wedding it definitely goes to the top of our "publish that!" pile.  

Today's session was no different and Lulu's cuteness almost stole the show from Megan and Austin.  Megan is a veterinarian and rescued Lulu after she appeared at her office doorstep a few years ago.  Of course Austin couldn't refuse that sweet golden face.  Austin quickly fell in love with Lulu as well and it has been the three of them ever since.  

Megan is an avid animal lover and in addition to dogs, has a special place in her heart for horses.  The couple and Lulu teamed up with Knoxville wedding photographer, Amber Lowe Photo, and headed to a horse stable right outside of the Smoky Mountains for their engagement session.  Lulu and the horse were the perfect addition to their photos.  

If you plan to include your four-legged friend in your family photo here are a few of our tips to make the session perfect!

1. Walk your pup before you go

Take them for a short walk to relax and run some of their energy out.  Too much or too little energy can be a bad thing when the time comes for your pet to join you in front of the camera lens. Take a 15 minute walk around your neighborgood prior to putting them into the car.  

2. Give yourself some extra time

Preparing for a photo session usually requires a bit more time than your usual morning work or school routine. You've probably already planned your outfit and shoes but if you're bringing the family pet along then make sure to plan extra time for getting them ready to go.  

3. Bring Treats -but not the greasy ones!

This tip is self explanatory but it may be the most most important tip of all.  Sometimes bribery needs to be used to get the perfect shot.  Make sure that you bring a dry treat that won't get your clothes greasy.  

4.Bring a helper

Call in Mom, dad, or a friend that is familiar with the animal to help watch them while your fiancee and you sneak off to take a few photos of just the two of you.  

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Thanks to Amber Lowe Photo, Megan, Austin, and Lulu for sharing these adorable photos with us! 

Photography: Amber Lowe Photo

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