How to Steal Away Some Alone Time on Your Wedding Day 
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Monday, February 13, 2017

How to Steal Away Some Alone Time on Your Wedding Day 

Have you ever talked to a couple about their wedding day and heard them say that the whole thing was absolutely incredible - they just wish it hadn’t flown by so fast? We hear plenty of stories from weddings, and practically every time, we’re told that the day went by so fast, and the bride and groom hardly had a chance to be alone together at all.

However, if you plan your day with alone time as a priority, there will be a few ways to sneak in that much-needed ‘time out’. Here are three ideas for sneaking in some alone time with your new husband or wife.

Use Private Transportation 

Of course, we love the idea of the newlyweds hanging out with their entire bridal party in the back of the limousine. What could be more fun than enjoying refreshments and spending such a fun and memorable day together as they travel to and from their wedding ceremony, portrait locations and their wedding reception? However, one great way to ensure that the bride and groom have a chance to catch their breath and really take in the magnitude of this life-changing day is to find some time to be alone together. A perfect way do achieve that is for the couple to travel alone. 

For some people, it may seem like they’d be missing out on an opportunity to spend time with their bridal party… but we promise that they won’t mind. You will have created plenty of memories at the bachelor and bachelorette party, and will have a chance to celebrate with them even more on the dance floor at the wedding reception!  Your bridal party will still have a great time traveling together while you and your new spouse have a chance to take a breather and enjoy some time alone with one another. Traveling alone will allow you to take a ‘time out’ from all of the excitement, and re-enter your wedding reception re-energized and ready to celebrate with your friends and family. 

Have a ‘First Look’

Over the past few years, a ‘first look’ has become very popular option for a lot of couples. Rather than waiting until you're walking up the aisle to see each other for the first time, a first look gives you the chance to meet up at a separate location before the ceremony.  This gives you a chance to calm your nerves, see each other, and have a few minutes to yourselves. This can be as far in advance of the ceremony as you would like - it can be just a 10 minute rendezvous, or it can be a couple hours where you have your portraits done as well to free up time later in the day.  Most photographer's love first looks, be sure to check with yours and see what they think.  

Plan a Sunset Photo Shoot

Sneak out for a sunset photo shoot during the reception. Once your photographer has captured a few images, they can head back inside and leave you guys to enjoy some time together, away from your wedding reception. No one will notice if you are gone for 20 minutes, and that time will be invaluable for you and your new spouse get to debrief, talk and enjoy some intimacy in the midst of one of the busiest and happiest days of your life.


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