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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Watercolor Paint for Cakes and Cookies

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Watercolor Paint for Cakes and Cookies

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Bridal Shower Cookie Bar Idea

This week's Perfect Details feature is so creative! Last week, I shared Emily Katharine's DIY watercolor stationery tutorial. Today, Chef Marie, of Hands On Sweets in Tampa, is giving us a peek inside how we can create beautiful designs using edible watercolor paints!

This edible watercolor recipe would be perfect to use at a wedding shower or reception. As you can see below, various colors of paint fill glass containers alongside sugar cookies to create a unique, watercolor cookie painting station. What a fabulous idea! Your guests can not only have fun designing their own cookies but they can enjoy a yummy treat too.

Enjoy the recipe below as well as some fun designs to inspire you!


  • Sugar Cookies with dried icing
  • Edible Petal Dust (find HERE)
  • 75% Everclear Alcohol (best for cookies) OR  Melted Cocoa Butter  (best for cakes and humid environments) 
  • Detail Paint Brush Set  This one worked best for us



When using Alchohol to for the mixture, simply add a couple of drops at a time to the dust until the paint is the desired consistency. When using cocoa butter, melt the cocoa butter over a double boiler and add the petal dust a little at a time. With the cocoa butter, you will have to keep it heated to maintain the liquid consistency. Chef Marie says, "It is a little bit thicker but works wonders!"

Bridal Shower cookie bar ideas

Bridal Shower Cookie Ideas

Bridal Shower cookie Ideas

 This has been such a big hit at every event that we've hosted.  You can't go wrong with this fun and elegant cookie bar idea! 

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Photography: Emily Katharine Photography | Cake and Cookies: Hands On Sweets 


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