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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Watercolor Paint for Cakes and Cookies

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Watercolor Paint for Cakes and Cookies

This week's Perfect Details feature is so creative! Last week, I shared Emily Katharine's DIY watercolor stationery tutorial. Today, Chef Marie, of Hands On Sweets in Tampa, is giving us a peek inside how we can create beautiful designs using edible watercolor paints!

This edible watercolor recipe would be perfect to use at a wedding shower or reception. As you can see below, various colors of paint fill glass containers alongside sugar cookies to create a unique, watercolor cookie painting station. What a fabulous idea! Your guests can not only have fun designing their own cookies but they can enjoy a yummy treat too.

Enjoy the recipe below as well as some fun designs to inspire you!



Edible Petal Dust (find HERE)

75% Everclear Alcohol (best for cookies)


Melted Cocoa Butter

(best for cakes and humid environments.

Dries fast and no drip.)

Paint Brush



When using Alchohol to for the mixture, simply add a couple of drops at a time to the dust until the paint is the desired consistency. When using cocoa butter, melt the cocoa butter over a double boiler and add the petal dust a little at a time. With the cocoa butter, you will have to keep it heated to maintain the liquid consistency. Chef Marie says, "It is a little bit thicker but works wonders!"

Food grade petal dusts can be found in craft stores as well as bakery supply stores. Chef Marie's favorites are the Crystal Color and Ck Products brands.


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Photography: Emily Katharine Photography | Cake and Cookies: Hands On Sweets 


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