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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer Kitchen Essentials to Add to Your Wedding Registry

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Wedding Registry Must Haves for Summer

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The wedding registry is your chance to make the ultimate wish list for your new home together.  What other time than the months leading up to your wedding can you walk into a department store and indulge your whims without worrying about what it will do to your bank account? More than just the ultimate shopping trip, setting up a registry is a great way to let guests know which items you want and to determine your style as a couple. Whether you both love to cook or are a novice in the kitchen, it can be overwhelming to know which kitchen products are the best and where to get started. Here is a list of the top summer kitchen essentials you should add to your wedding registry.

I don’t know about you, but a summer favorite in my house is ice cream. There is nothing sweeter on a hot summer day than enjoying some decadent homemade ice-cream. The ultimate homemade frozen treats are just minutes away with the Cuisinart Cool Creations Ice Cream Maker. This easy-to-use ice cream maker can whip up anything from velvety ice cream and gelato to refreshing fruit sorbet and frozen yogurt. With its one-touch setting, it is so easy to use when entertaining for friends (or even when it’s just the two of you).

Why stop with just homemade ice-cream when you can make homemade ice cream cones! Is there anything better than the smell of crisp, buttery sugar cones filling the house? The International Chef™ Crepe/Pizzelle/Pancake Plus from Cuisinart is so multipurpose and makes everything from ice cream cones and crepes to pancakes and tortillas.  It’s a staple in my kitchen.

For breakfast or brunch, the 4- Slice Belgian Waffle Maker is a must-have for any newlywed couple. The deep-pocket waffles hold so many delicious toppings. I love that the green light signals when the baking is done, so there is no guesswork and perfect, golden waffles every time!

The ultimate all in one product you’ll need on your wedding registry is the Cuisinart VELOCITY Ultra Trio Blender and Food Processor with two travel cups, perfect for Mr. & Mrs. This multitasking appliance does it all. The blender minces delicate herbs, whips up smoothies and even chops ice. You can create morning smoothies right into the two travel cups, put the lids on and enjoy healthy drinks on the go. When you attach the food processor work bowl, you can easily slice, shred, chop or mix.

From all-in-one blenders and food processors to delicious ice cream makers and everything in between, Cuisinart products are must-haves for any household. These kitchen essentials for summer are so versatile you’ll be using them all year round!

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