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Strawberry Themed Wedding Shower Ideas

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Strawberry Themed Wedding Shower Ideas

Wedding Shower Food and Drink Ideas

I had so much fun planning and designing today’s feature! Every now and then, I just love getting in the kitchen and having fun creating drinks and desserts to inspire you as you plan both wedding and other events. I styled today’s editorial with Abigail Bobo Photography in Nashville at the lovely Butterfly Meadows Inn. We put together three ideas for a summer wedding shower with a strawberry theme. Each recipe can be altered with a little creativity to fit your own theme, so grab your apron, and enjoy these three easy recipes for your next summer event!

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Strawberry and Lime Infused Water

This one is super easy but needs a little bit of prep.  Prepare sliced straberries and limes ahead of time and set aside.  Grab a large container and fill with ice water and place the strawberries and limes into the water and let set.  

Lime Infused Water for Bridal Shower

Not only is fruit infused water pretty, it is so tasty with that hint of fruity flavor. For this editorial, I used sliced strawberries and lime, but you can use any fruit you want. I suggest choosing a fruit that will not fall apart in the water. For example, sliced oranges or lemons are a great option. I even like adding a few mint leaves for additional flavor. Consider serving up this “pretty water” at your next event!

Cheesecake Tarts

These sweet little cheesecake tarts are perfect for ANY event. Depending on the topping you choose, they can fit into most themes. I chose mint leaves and strawberries for these little guys to match my strawberry themed wedding shower, but any fruit topping would be delicious. They are so easy to make too! See the full recipe HERE.



Minty Strawberry Lemonade

I love combining my favorite drink with a complementing sorbet to create a fresh and flavorful combination. You can never go wrong with lemon and strawberry, so I simply mixed pink lemonade and lemon sorbet, and it is soooo good! Honestly though, mint leaves made this drink. That third flavor added so much! See the full recipe and mixing instructions HERE.


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Photography: Abigail Bobo Photography | Styling and Recipes: The Bride Link | Location: Butterfly Meadows Inn


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