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Monday, June 1, 2015

Romantic Naples Engagement Shoot

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Engagement at The Club at the Strand by Emily Katharine Photography

A foggy walk in the woods followed by a visit to the elegant Club at the Strand in Naples makes Brad and Morgan’s Florida engagement shoot a must share! Based on their sweet love story, told below by their photographer, Emily Katharine, these two locations best represent their personalities filled with outdoor adventure and a little stylish fun. After meeting in their youth, these two didn’t expect they would be reunited years later. Enjoy reading about how a night of reminiscing lead them to where they are today… completely in love and ready to say “I do!”

Morgan and Brad first met about ten years ago in a youth choir at a local church in Naples. They had the opportunity to get to know one another during a bus ride to Orlando, as they traveled for choir. During this ride, Brad entertained Morgan with riddles, math games, and witty jokes. At that time in their lives, their age gap kept them apart, although Morgan acknowledges that she may have had a thing for a particular older guy.

Several years later, after Brad graduated from college, he invited Morgan out to dinner in an effort to catch up. It turns out, they had a lot to catch up on. Brad and Morgan talked incessantly over dinner, dessert, the wait staff cleaning the tables, and the carpet being vacuumed. While they recognized that it was time for the night to end, they also realized that something between them could not be ignored. That summer, they were inseparable.

Brad and Morgan continued their relationship through long distance while Morgan completed her degree in Tallahassee. During her final year of school, she studied abroad in London. Conveniently, Brad was in England pursuing his Master’s degree and they had the opportunity to travel throughout Europe together (umm, jealous). And by the way, we’re not just talking about typical site seeing – we’re talking about hiking from one country to another and running into camels at a gas station – yeah, that happened.

This New Year’s Day, the day that we were all waiting for was upon us. The issue: how to fit a ring box in a pocket without it being conspicuous? Brad recognized that there was no way to do this effectively unless he put the box in “something” and then carried that “something” around casually.

After some thought, Brad’s plan arrived. “I can put the ring box in my saxophone case. I’ve never played the sax for Morgan.  I can tell her that it is a tradition for me to play the saxophone on the beach on New Year’s Day at sunset. I can have her sister take our photos from the bushes, but I have to coordinate that portion. I’ll tell Morgan we’re meeting her family for dinner near the beach so she’ll be dressed up. Totally logical.”

Well, needless to say, as perfect as Brad’s plan was, there were a few hiccups, like Morgan requesting their drinks “for here” as opposed to “to go.” Of course, Brad still was able to convince Morgan that he needed to get to his special spot on the beach just in time for sunset and just in time for the woman of his dreams to say “yes!”

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Photography: Emily Katharine Photography | Film processing: Richard Photo Lab  | Second location: The Strand 


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