Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas They Will Love

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My Favorite Bridesmaids Gifts

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas They Will Love

I had so much fun putting together today’s post! I love sharing my favorite products with you, and today I’m sharing some of my favorite bridesmaid gifts I know your ladies will love. From monogrammed gifts, to jewelry and other wearable accessories, I tried to offer a wide variety of options. If you see something you like, follow the links from the shopping guide to view other similar colors and ideas. 


Gifts Under $35

This collection of bridesmaids gifts is perfect if you’re on a budget but still want to give your girls something cute. They are also great as filler items for a gift bag or clutch. I personally think a clutch or tote from above filled with a few of your favorite cosmetic or accessory items from below would be such a fun gift!

Bridesmaid Gift Ideas

Shopping Guide 

Lip Balm ————> $14

Floral Hair Comb ————> $26

Pink Hair Flower  ————> $28

Aqua Earrings ————> $28

Perfume  ————> $18

Lollia Hand Cream ————> $24

Pink and Turquoise Necklace ————> $35

Gold Earrings  ————> $26


Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts

Whether it’s a single letter, a full name, or a monogram, there’s something so sweet about receiving a gift that is personalized. Not only are these gifts personalized, they are also useful! Consider giving your girls something they will use often so they will remember being apart of your special day.


Shopping Guide

Tumblers ——————> $16

Ring Dishes ———————> $10

White Mugs ———————–> $8

Monogrammed Robes —————————–> $29.90

Colorful Mugs  ————————> $8

Yellow Beach Hat —————————> $22

Personalized Hangers ———–> $90 for 6 Hangers

Coral Tote ———–> $30.99

Floral Mug  ———–> $17.50

Floral Tote ———–> $23.51

Totes and Clutches

I just love a cute tote or clutch! Whether you’re wanting an everyday look, or a more elegant, evening feel, I included some of my favorites of each as well as a couple of adorable cosmetic bags below.


Shopping Guide

Blue Floral Tote ————> $26.89

Cream Tote with Blue Bow ————> $68

Pink and Blue Floral Cosmetic Bag  ————> $42

Colorful Lace Clutches ————> $350 for 7

Personalized Yellow Cosmetic Bag  ————> $252 for 6

Coral Clutches ————> $54 for 3

Black and Pink Floral Tote ————> $28.66

Blue and White Clutch ————> $198 for 6

Red Floral Cosmetic Bag  ————> $252 for 6



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