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Film Engagement Session at Bok Tower

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Film Engagement Session at Bok Tower

Film Engagement Shoot by Emily Katharine Photography

I love engagement sessions photographed in film especially when they are in such a stunning location as Bok Tower Garden! Emily Katharine Photography captured every moment so beautifully. She also tells the romantic love story of how Andres and Kimberly met and how he proposed! Enjoy this sweet story and gorgeous photos!

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Andres and Kimberly’s Story

“Sometimes, people walk into our lives and it takes a little time to understand why. When Kimberly and Andres met for the first time, they were at a mutual friend’s house where they were briefly introduced to one another. They were freshman at the time and meeting people was such a frequent thing, they didn’t think much of it.

Weeks passed and their paths crossed yet again. Andres recognized Kimberly and approached her. Kimberly was slightly caught off guard. She recognized Andres, but couldn’t remember his name. After a few jokes and Andres giving her a hard time, they started talking. Soon, they were facebook friends and messaging each other frequently.

During a holiday break, Andres and Kimberly couldn’t message well through facebook, so they started talking over the phone. Their relationship progressed and needless to say, they began dating shortly after.

That was eight years ago. During those years there were a couple college graduations, a move from Indiana to Florida, a graduation from pharmacy school, a sweet pup named Ayla, and real jobs. During this time they also cultivated an amazing relationship. A relationship where they grew together. Where they learned how to communicate. Where they traveled, biked, hiked, danced, and ate delicious food. A time where they became adults and took ownership of their lives. Where they connected on a deeper level. A time where they fell deeply in love.

This past June, Andres and Kimberly took a trip to Chicago to visit some of their close friends. Andres explained to Kimberly that “this isn’t the weekend….so don’t get your hopes up.” (Let’s be real, Kimberly secretly had her hopes up).

They flew up north, met up with their friends, and spent the day storming all over the city. The group decided to rest and get cleaned up before dinner. Kimberly and Andres were getting ready and Kimberly got a little frustrated while selecting an outfit for the evening. She has a laid back and organic style, but felt she couldn’t find anything “fancy enough” for Chicago. When she finally settled on an outfit and turned around to grab her purse she saw Andres down on one knee. He was holding a stunning gold, rope ring.

It was the perfect proposal. They were able to cherish the moment alone, but celebrate the event with their friends for the rest of the evening.

For their engagement session, we visited Bok Tower Gardens. We watched the sun rise as we drove to the garden and we all enjoyed watching the fog roll out of the hills in the morning. It was a gorgeous day – the weather had just turned and it was actually a little cool. Once we arrived, we explored every nook of the beautiful garden. Of course, Kimberly and Andres were fantastic and they look great on film, if I do say so myself.”

As told by Emily 


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Photography: Emily Katharine Photography | Film Processing and Scanning by Richard Photo Lab | Venue: Bok Tower Garden


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