Friday, July 11, 2014

Knoxville Wedding at Hunter Valley Farm

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Blush and Gold Wedding by John Shim Photography

My favorite part of this beautiful wedding at Hunter Valley Farm in Knoxville, Tennessee, is bride, Lauren’s, unconventional sense of style. She put her own spin on everything in an elegant and awe-inspiring way. I love that she chose a gold, fitted gown that was not only stunning, but very unique!

Wedding pictures are always more inspiring when you know the love story behind them, too! According to Lauren,

“Our wedding day was very “us”. Neither one of us are very traditional and our wedding was extremely fitting in that regard. Every aspect of the wedding I put a lot of thought and detail into which is really special for us to look back on. When it came time to decide who was going to marry us, my Grandfather was the topic of conversation. The only setback being, he was not ordained. I was able to get him ordained and my Grandpa had the amazing opportunity to marry us! We will never forget that! Another unforgettable memory will be of Kevin’s Mamaw Ruby.She looked absolutely stunning that day and was even spotted on the dance floor! Sadly, Mamaw Ruby passed away about a month later. We will forever cherish those photographs! “

Enjoy this stunning, Tennessee wedding by John Shim Photography below!

How did you meet? 

“We actually met at a bar on the UT Strip, remember the Roaming Gnome? I went to grab a drink with some friends who actually knew Kevin. I was ordering a drink with a girlfriend of mine and Kevin walks up. We look down and someone had dropped a $20 bill. As college students, naturally we suggest Kevin buy us a shot. A Washington Apple to be specific. From that point forward, we never looked back!”

How did he propose? 

“It was our 4 year anniversary and I was going to a local salon to get my hair cut and highlighted. I walk into the salon for my appointment and they take me to the back of the Salon where their Spa is located. I insist that they have the wrong Lauren, as I am only there to get my hair done! They inform me that Kevin has something else in store. Turns out I had a massage, facial and steam shower awaiting me! Later that afternoon, after all of my pampering was finished, Kevin says we are going to meet some friends for Happy Hour at Ruth’s Chris. This through me off at first because typically we are not the Ruth’s Chris type. However, there was no way I was going to miss Happy Hour! We arrive down on the Tennessee River next to Calhoun’s (just down the street from Ruth’s Chris). Kevin insisted this was where you had to park to enter Ruth’s Chris so naturally I agreed. It was August 2013 when he walked me down the bridge alongside the river and got down on one knee. As if that wasn’t fabulous enough, Kevin had a friend disguised as a runner snapping photographs of the whole proposal! Such a keeper!”

What advice we would give other couples planning a wedding?

“Have fun and stay organized! I LOVED planning our wedding. For me it was a time that I could go crazy on Pinterest and bring some of those outrageous ideas to life! In the beginning I was a bit scatter brained. I quickly straightened up and started organizing my ideas and prospective vendors. I have to say there were only a few times I experienced the wedding stress, which made Kevin a happy Fiance! I think it is important to let your individual personalities show on your Big Day!”

Participating Vendors

Photographer:  John Shim Photography | Caterer: All Occasion Catering LLC | Hair Stylist: Bangs and Blush | Cinema and Video: Cinema House | DJ and Lighting: Ogle Entertainment & Light Design | Reception Venue: The Pavillion at Hunter Valley Farm


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