Wednesday, July 23, 2014

High Bun Wedding Hairstyle Tutorial

DIY High Bun with Danielle Evans Photography

I have always gushed over the simple hairstyle of a high bun, also referred to as a ballerina bun. I’ve tried myself to accomplish this look with the “sock bun” technique but have never been able to achieve the clean, graceful look that I see in photos. Deanna, owner and hairstylist at MOPS Hair Designers in Knoxville, Tn shows us how easy it is to create this gorgeous wedding hairstyle that can be worn as a bride or as a guest to any classy event! A stunning floral hairpieces designed by Beauty by Megan Floral Events ads a breathtaking touch taking this look from simple and elegant to a show-stopping bridal up-do. Thank you to the talented Danielle Evans Photography for beautifully photographing this tutorial and to Suzanne Clayton for being our featured make-up artist!

DIY high bun tutorial

Step 1

Apply a smoothing product to the hair such as Redkin Tousle Whip. Next pull the hair partially up in a very high ponytail.

Tip: Having curled the hair beforehand will help the bun hold it’s shape.

To achieve the stylish “swoop” seen in the back of this hairstyle, take the remaining hair and pin it diagonally across the back of the head.

high bun

Step 2

Add the remaining hair to the ponytail with a hairband or bobby pin. Then, separate the ponytail into four sections.

Tip: Use a Boar Bristle Brush to help smooth the hair.

diy high top bun

Step 3

Curl each section at the base (midway to base) to create a curve or bump in the hair. This will make it easier to create a smooth, rounded bun.

how to high bun

Step 4

Using a teasing comb, tease each section of the hair to give it body. Then roll each section under itself and pin it to the base of the ponytail with a bobby pin.

Tip: Use your fingers or teasing comb to gently smooth the four sections together to create a seamless look between the four sections.

high top bun

ballerina bun

high bun tutorial

high bridal bun

Although this look can certainly stand alone, a floral hairpiece is a stunning way to dress it up!

wedding bun tutorial

diy wedding hairstyles

beauty by megan floral events

Participating Vendors

Photography: Danielle Evans Photography | Location: Memories Portraits Studios | Hair: MOPS Hair Designers | Make-up: Suzanne Clayton Make-up Artist |  Flowers: Beauty by Megan Floral Events | Coordination: Haley at The Bride Link | Model: Danielle Wood

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