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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fairy Tale Wedding Style Shoot by Star Noir Studio

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Fairy Tale Wedding Style Shoot by Star Noir Studio

Cinderella Wedding Style Shoot

This pink and gold fairy tale wedding style shoot is everything little girls dream of for their wedding days, in a very elegant way! I love the table settings. Decorating tables with a variety without overcrowding or overwhelming is an art, and these tables look amazing!

Pink and rose gold and two of my very favorite wedding colors this summer! They’re feminine and romantic, fresh and warm. They’re just pretty. I love the idea of serving options other than cake on the cake table. The pie and macaroons look unique and fun, but they also provide options for people who can’t have cake or just don’t like it.

Get caught up in this fairy tale here!


Chastidy Parrott, photographer at Star Noir Studios said, “Amanda (with Southern Sirens) and I were discussing our mutual love of fairy tales and decided to do a photo series based on them. The first stop in our series is Cinderella. To make it a bit different, we tried to draw inspiration from the original Grimm story which is where our glam modern-day Cinderella of rose, gold, and glass with a hint of decay was born.”


By: Katherine Felts

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Photographer: Star Noir Studio | Event Venue: Knoxville World’s Fair Park | Linens and Coverings: All Occasions Party Rentals | Jewelry: Jewelry Designed by Grace | Floral Designer: Melissa Trimm Designs | Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Savvi Formalwear | Makeup Artist: Southern Sirens | Other: Studio 29:11 | Hierlooms and Extras: Vintage Inspirations


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