Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rustic Tennessee Wedding by John Shim Photography

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Tennessee Wedding at Norris Dam State Park

There is so much fun, color, and personality in this Tennessee wedding by John Shim Photography! The bride was not afraid to show her personality with lots of bright colors and untraditional ideas. One of my favorite details is her custom made dress that has feathers covering the bodice that she added herself! Her bridesmaids join in on the fun with colorful cowboy boots and single magnolia blooms as bouquets. What a wonderful idea!

A “Love Bird” theme was obvious throughout the ceremony and reception decor. Bright signage, oversized balloons, and colorful accents adorned the outside ceremony to make it feel like a true celebration. The reception was just as bright and unique with hanging balls of cotton that remind me of clouds, bright paper cranes, and adorable owls accenting every corner. This Knoxville wedding at Norris Dam State Park is one wedding sure to inspire and remind me that having a wedding that is not only beautiful but also unique and creative is all possible!

More details from John Shim Photography:

This by far has been one of the most unique weddings I’ve had the privilege to shoot due to the nature of how much of the wedding was planned and designed by the bride and groom. One of the most interesting aspects of the day was the bride’s dress. Her dress was custom made and then she took the time to glue on feathers to make it even more unique. The food menu was developed by the groom and he brought in a few friends to help prepare the menu. The decorations for the day were all handcrafted and the flowers were put together by the bride and friends and family. Did I mention they also home brewed the beer AND wine they served to their guests?!

By Brittany Rhodes

Photography: John Shim


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