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Friday, May 2, 2014

Florists in Knoxville, Tn : Melissa Timm Designs

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Melissa Timm Designs: Knoxville Florist

It was such a pleasure to interview Knoxville florist, Melissa Timm Designs! Every time I visit Melissa, I enjoy myself. We always end up giggling and chatting about life as she shows me her newest floral designs in her studio. I always enjoy seeing how she has redesigned her front window for each new season, and I of course love discovering what new gift items she has in the studio. It has always been a fun and personal experience when I work with Melissa. She has been the florist for many of the photo shoots I have designed creating jaw dropping pieces every time.

From personal experience, Melissa is a dream to work with!

Enjoy my interview below with Melissa Timm and meet the amazing woman behind the business!

photo by Break the Mold Photo

Tell me how your passion for weddings and flowers started?

I was studying psychology in college when one day, I ran across a floral book at a bookstore. I flipped through every page and was so inspired by all the floral arrangements. I ended up getting a job in a floral shop where I fell in love with floral design even more! The dream of owning my own floral shop began, so I changed my major to business management hoping it would help me start my own floral shop one day.

I eventually landed a job at Whitestone Inn as their on-site florist. I continued to dream of owning my own floral studio, and I finally took the leap two years ago and opened my own studio, Melissa Timm Design Studio! I now have 20 years of experience being a florist and am loving every minute of it!

What is your favorite part about working with brides.

The most exciting part about working with brides is when she and her family see the final product for the first time. I personally give every bride her bouquet, and her first reaction to the final product is so rewarding. I also try to have a family member who participated in the planning look at the final product before the ceremony and reception start. Hearing them gasp with excitement or tear up in joy is what makes me love my job day in and day out!

What is your favorite part about the planning process.

It is so much fun when brides bring me new ideas that I have never seen before. It’s fun to play with ideas until we discover exactly what the bride has envisioned. Sometimes a bride has a photo of something she wants to recreate, which is also a lot of fun. In general, I really enjoy the planning process and getting to know the couple through those initial meetings.

What makes you unique?

I love to collect things that might be other people’s junk and make it beautiful. Sometimes I’ll find something that is about to be thrown away and be inspired to use it as prop for flowers. A little sand paper and spray paint can go a long way in my book!

I’m also unique because I truly work with any budget. It’s so rewarding to take a little creativity to make a bride’s vision come to life despite her small budget. Sometimes it really takes a lot of creativity to make a small budget work, but it is so worth it in the end when the bride is happy with the end result.

I go way out of my way to make a bride’s vision come to life. If I don’t have something she wants, I will find it. I’ve gone to Cookeville and the Tri-Cities before to find a flower for a bride. I will find a way to get flowers that seem impossible to find. I will go to great lengths to make a bride happy!

When you aren’t working, what do you like to do for fun? 

I read a lot. Like a lot! My husband and I also like to travel and play golf. We are also “foodies.” I love trying new restaurants and going out to eat with my family.

I’m also a serious junk collector. It’s so fun to find something worthless and turn into a fun DIY project for my store. I’ve turned junk into treasure to fill a corner in my studio or to use as a prop for a floral design.

Tell me a fun/random fact about yourself?

I use to fly planes! I took lessons and use to fly all of the time!

How would you describe your style?

I often hear people describe my work as whimsical. I use lots of color variation and different textures. I will honestly do whatever the bride wants, but overall, my style is unique through colors, texture, and organic form.

A Peek Inside Melissa Timm Design Studio!

Megan Flannagan from Break the Mold Photo joined us in the interview to take photos of the inside of Melissa’s studio. Stop by her studio to see all her rental items, DIY projects, and gift items!

 Contact Melissa Timm

8078 Kingston Pike Suite 119, Knoxville, Tn 37919 | (865) 399-4916 | [email protected] | Website | The Bride Link

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