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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Top 5 Ways to Save on Your Wedding Cake

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The advice given in this blog came from a recent post on The Bride Link’s group page. Thank you to all the vendors from the group who gave advice to help make this blog possible.

#1. Avoid Customizing

Choosing simple flavors and a simple, elegant design, will always save you money. A simple wedding cake can be transformed into a designer wedding cake by adding fresh flowers, ribbon, or berries.

#2. Instead of one big cake, consider a few single cakes. 

If you love custom flavors, consider what bride, Carrie Waller, did for her wedding. As you can see below, Carrie chose a variety of flavors to serve. She said she payed the same for these variety of cakes as she would have for a large single cake.

#3 Order a small tiered cake with a sheet cake. 

A great way to cut costs, is to order the cake of your dreams in a smaller version and then have a back up sheet cake with the same flavor. Below, is a small, gorgeously detailed cake by The Perfect Endings Custom Cakes. 

#4  Consider a Cake Toper with Cupcakes!

Serving cupcakes will cut the mess and the cost of a server to cut your cake.

#5 Don’t have a Wedding Cake at All!

If your heart is not set on having a wedding cake, consider a dessert table like the one below from The Baker’s Rack.


Photography by Akil Bennet and Zev Fisher Photography

Photos by Dixie Pixel 

Cakes by Magpies Bakery

Photos by Waldorf Photographic Art

Cake from Cotton and Crumbs

Cupcake from CutestFood.com

Photos by Sarah C. Photography


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