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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Engagement Photo Ideas

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Engagement Photo Ideas

Over the past couple of years, engagement sessions have become much more creative and fun! Couples have so many options to choose from when deciding what kind of shoot they want. There’s romantic, themed, unique locations; we’ve seen them all here at The Bride Link and we’ve loved them all! With so many wonderful and unique engagement sessions we’ve collected, we thought we would put a post together dedicated to just engagement photo ideas to inspire you on your endeavors to create and capture the perfect engagement session!

Unique Location Ideas for Engagement Photos

Unique locations is a hot trend right now in the world of engagement photos. Having a unique location sets your session apart from others and is a chance to dress up and play pretend for the day, and just have a fun time!

Alma Mater Themed Engagement Sessions

There are a ton of couples out there that first met in college and may not have ever fell in love if they had not gone to the same school. This sweet, young couple graduated from UT and had almost as much love for UT as they did each other! College pride is an everlasting thing (…sounds a lot like marriage right?), something that will always be a part of you and if your relationship began there, it is an important part of your story.

An alma mater themed engagement session is unique to your story and loads of fun. A college campus offers multiple venues and locations for photos, school colors can be adorned once more, and it creates a memory of where your relationship truly began. Take a look at this UT themed engagement session by JoPhoto for some cute ideas.

Carnival Engagement Photos Idea

This carnival engagement session by Photos by Sarah Beth is another great idea for a unique engagement session location. This couple dressed in 50’s inspired attire to match the carnival’s bright orange, pink, yellow, and blue, seen everywhere from the ferris wheel to the candied treats. The carnival location allows for various photo spots, on rides, playing the carnival games, and creates a fun and colorful backdrop. Check out this retro carnival engagement session for more ideas!

Brewery Engagement Photos

Another amazing location idea we’ve seen this year is this engagement shoot by Urban Safari Photography taken at a New Belgium Brewery in Colorado. I have never seen another engagement session in a brewery, so this couple’s shoot was definitely unique. I love how they took something they both enjoy and used it as the foundation of their session. Beer will always be around to remind them of that enjoyment they share and of the memories they’ve created, (they first met at the brewery!). This delightful and brilliant idea of a brewery engagement session is definitely one of the most unique and favorites I have seen. Click the link below for more inspiration!

Vintage Airplane Hanger Engagement Shoot

Pearl Harbor is one of my favorite movies and this engagement session completely reminds me of that beautifully romantic airplane hanger scene! This vintage airplane engagement session by JoPhoto captures the love the couple has for travel and the love they have for each other.  What I love about this photo is how classic the couple looks in every aspect. The lighting of every picture in this shoot is spectacular and helps create that dreamy twilight effect that is so romantic. The intimate airplane hanger and vintage planes make for a fabulous setting. From their simple yet classic attire to the unique location of the airplane hanger, this vintage airplane engagement session is another wonderfully unique idea for your engagement photos.

Record Store Engagement Shoot

I love this idea! Adam and Christina are a laid back, music-loving couple who had the fun idea of shooting their engagement photos in an old record store. It is so unique to the couple and shows their personalities perfectly.  They also incorporated Adam’s guitar into the photos, once again showing their love for music. Amazing work from Carrie Wildes Photography.

Romantic, Rustic Outdoor Engagement Shoot

This outdoor engagement session took place in Idaho. Rachel Allen Photography captures an affectionate and intimate engagement session. The plateaus, dirt roads, and golden sunshine plays into the romantic atmosphere the couple creates with their attire and poses. The natural beauty of the outdoor location is a wonderful canvas that created stunning photos. The wardrobe goes from neutral and casual to brighter and a little bit fancier. I always love an outfit change, because it gives the shoot a little more diversity. Whether you want your whole engagement shoot to be romantically themed like this one or capture just a few shots with a romantic tone, take a look at this romantic outdoor engagement session for more inspiration.

Cute Props Ideas for Engagement Photos

Themed engagement sessions are always a fun and different way to capture memorable and unique engagement photos. No matter what the theme of your engagement session there is always a way to display more creativity and personality by using props.

 Winter Engagement Shoot with a Dog

This engagement session is an outdoor winter shoot where the sweet (cold!) couple took advantage of the season by having their session in freshly fallen, snow covered woods. This white winter wonderland creates a bright, clean backdrop for the couple to stand out and be the focus of the photos by Kelly Lemon Photography. This couple loves their dog and made him a part of the their shoot (check out the last picture for an adorable picture with him!).

From a checkered blanket, coffee cups to sip from, fun paper mustaches, and even the snow itself, this couple made use of several different props that helped showcase the fun they have together. Whether you are wanting to use ten props or just one, take a look at this winter engagement session for cute, fun prop ideas.

How to Pose for Engagement Photos

How to pose for your engagement photos may not be on the top of your list of things to consider when you start planning your wedding…but how to pose is definitely something you need to think about, even just a little bit, before you walk into your engagement session. The way you pose in a photo creates part of the tone the pictures will take on. Do you want your photos to say fun and affectionate, intimate and romantic, or comfortably in love? Well, you don’t have to pick just one! With so many photos taken at an engagement session there is no reason you can’t capture every side of your relationship.

This happy couple has a great engagement session by  K & S Photography that displays many different poses. Check out the whole post to get some tips and ideas on how to pose for your engagement photos.

Cute Save-the-Date Idea for Engagement Photos

Whether you are including props in your engagement session or not, save-the-date photos are always a cute addition to the photos. We’ve seen the save-the-date written on balloons the couple is holding, coffee mugs the couple is sipping, and in this session, a triangle banner with their wedding date painted on the flags. Save-the-date props can also be a part of decoration for the wedding day, reception, or just to have forever. I love the save-the-date photos. It’s a chance to express creativity in the shoot and makes it that much more personal.

Check out this farm themed engagement session by Kristen Jane Photography and see their cute save-the-date banner for more ideas.

What to wear for Engagement Photos

What to wear for your engagement session is a big deal! What colors photograph best, how the colors and outfit look against the scenery, how your outfit looks with your fiancee’s; these are all important and very valid things to consider when dressing for the engagement photos. This fall outdoor engagement session by Menning Photographic is one of the most stylish I have seen all year and can definitely serve as an inspiration. The couple chose deep colors of maroon and navy blue. They matched perfectly without looking like they tried too hard and didn’t look too matchy-matchy. I am thrilled by the details of their attire: the polka dotted tie, her polka dotted dress, her gold watch adds a bit of pop to everything, and his gingham button up is spot-on stylish.

I could go on and on about how well dressed this couple is for their engagement photos. Being well dressed, color conscious, and aware of the details will not only make you look good, but it will also give you amazing engagement photos. Take a look at this couple’s whole session for some major fashion inspiration, and see our post on What to Wear for Engagement Photos for even more ideas!


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