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Monday, March 17, 2014

D.J.s in Knoxville, Tn Sequoyah Entertainment

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Knoxville, Tn D.J.: Sequoyah Entertainment

It is such a pleasure to introduce Knoxville D.J., Jason Lovely, of Sequoyah Entertainment! Through this interview, you will meet the face behind the business and learn about the passion Jason has for quality service and creating unforgettable events. Jason specializes in custom lighting and music in order to fit a couple’s personality and individual taste. From music, to lighting and sound, Jason is experienced in all areas of production. Enjoy my interview with Jason below to see how he became the owner of Sequoyah Entertainment and what makes him unique as a Knoxville D.J.

How did Sequoyah Entertainment get started as a Knoxville Wedding D.J.?  

While earning my degree in Journalism and Electronic Media at UT with a focus in radio, I chose an internship at WIVK. This internship introduced me to much of the world of DJing including sales and promotions, mixing music and setting up lighting and sound systems. This internship started my interest in DJing private events, weddings, corporate events, and night clubs. I even opened for bands including 36 Mafia and Ying Yang Twins. I’ve now been a D.J. for ten years with a focus in Knoxville weddings and custom events.

Where did you learn how to D.J. for large events in Knoxville? 

Much of what I know today is contributed to my internship with Las Vegas Entertainment. This internship was only suppose to last two weeks, but I ended up staying for an entire summer in Las Vegas! I was exposed to the latest and greatest in entertainment, lighting, sound, and production. I Djed for celebrities such as Mike Tyson and Dana White as well as for conventions at the Blogia and Cesear’s Palace. It was one of the most remarkable experiences of my entire life, and it allowed me to incorporate the newest trends in entertainment into my own business in Knoxville, Tn.

What do you love most about working with couples in Knoxville?

I absolutely love getting to know the couple’s personalities. The music a person loves says a lot about who they are, so it is important to me to spend time getting to know a couple in order to customize their DJ package to represent both of their personalities.  When I show up for their event, I want to know exactly what they expect for their wedding music so I can meet and exceed their expectation as both a friend and a dj.

What makes you unique?

I think my eye for production, experience, and creativity sets me apart. I can take a bare room and turn it into a venue ready for an event with lighting and a great sound system. I also use my ten years of experience to read crowds and instantly manipulate the mood of an event with music.

I am also unique in the fact that when someone books Sequoyah Entertainment, they book me. I don’t have any other djs that work for me that I send out to events. I want to make sure the event goes exactly how I planned it out with the couple, so I am there to see it through to the end.

What is your favorite part about weddings?

I hate to sound cheesy, but I’m a hopeless romantic, and I simply love when there is no stress at the wedding because the plan comes together smoothly for all involved. l love the whole experience of delivering a service and making the client happy. That moment when you know you played the perfect song and everyone on the floor reacts in excitement is the best feeling as a D.J.!

Tell me about an unforgettable moment at a Knoxville wedding.

I DJed an outdoor ceremony for one of the sweetest couples I’ve met. The bride and her father planned to arrive to the ceremony site in an old classic car. As I am playing the prelude music, all the guests turn around as they spot the classic car arriving to the ceremony site about 400 yards away. The old car stalls and comes to a stop. No body knew why it stopped exactly, but to everyone’s surprise, the bride and her father get out of the car and begin walking the rest of the way arm in arm. It took them about 10 minutes to walk the rest of the way, but it completely touched my heart that instead of calling for someone to pick them up, they chose to spend those last few minutes together. Although the plan failed, it was such a special moment to see them talking and walking together one more time before he gave her away.

Testimonials for Sequoyah Entertainment

Jason was so professional and very prompt. He was set up and ready before any of the other vendors. He played exactly what we asked, the announcements and introductions were perfect and he worked smoothly with our planner. Thanks for a wonderful atmosphere with the lights! Will recommend to family and friends for future events!

~ Joe F.

Sequoyah Entertainment delivered on every aspect of our wedding. Jason was responsive to our requests and initiated much of the upfront planning, implemented our wedding theme and color scheme into his set-up, and was very professional throughout the entire process. He progressed the flow of the reception events at a smooth pace, and was incredible as a DJ at reading the crowd – the dance floor literally did not stop until the end of the night. I would highly recommend everyone consider Sequoyah Entertainment for their event needs. You will not be disappointed!

~ Eric C.

I work with DJ’s very often and was very impressed by the excitement and professionalism of Jason! His set up was top notch and his music variety and appropriateness was PERFECT for this party crowd. What a joy to work with Sequoyah Entertainment!

~ Ginger S.

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Tell me a random fact about yourself.

I love to travel, and I’ve been to every state in North America!

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