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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Barn Engagement Photos in Knoxville by 2Hodges Photography

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Knoxville Engagement Session by 2Hodges Photography

As I scrolled through this Knoxville engagement session, all I could think about was how cute this couple is! Then I read their story, and I totally loved them that much more. Justine and Lee took to the great outdoors of Tennessee for their barn engagement session by 2 Hodges Photography. The barren woods created a beautiful, simple landscape which allowed the couple to be the center of attention. Not only does the landscape allow the couple to stand out in the photos, but so does their wardrobe. I love Justine’s brilliant blue dress that pops against the winter setting and contrasts perfectly against Lee’s white button up.

This location is remote, yet so full of natural beauty. From the woods and the hillside, to the barn and the golden fields, each photo has something lovely to offer. Justine and Lee are such a gorgeous couple and from these photos, you know they are completely and totally in love with one another. Enjoy the piece below from the bride and fall even more in love with these two!

From the bride herself:
If there has ever been a skeptic of blind dates, it would definitely be me. In no way did I ever think that I would go on one and I sure did not think that I would end up marrying the man that I went on the blind date with! But, as time tells, God’s ways are WAY better than mine! It was during the blind date that I knew Lee was the man that I would one day marry. He was everything that I had prayed for, and somehow, I just knew that he was it! Through lots of coffee dates, walks around downtown, adventures across the country and just lazy days in Knoxville it was clear to both of us, as well as those around us, that we had fallen madly in love. God had brought us both together to encourage, challenge, redeem and inspire! 

On December 1st 2013, Lee got down on one knee in downtown Knoxville to ask me to be his Bride. He had asked a bunch of our friends and family to come downtown and create a path to where he was standing. As I walked through the path of people they each handed me a rose, prayed over me, encouraged me and sent me to the next person. The last person to hand me a rose before getting to Lee was my Dad. I am definitely a daddy’s girl and to see my Dad cry tears of joy, pray over both Lee and I, and congratulate me as I stepped into this new chapter, was a moment that I will forever be grateful for! 

 A month after Lee and I got engaged, he moved to Raleigh, NC to begin school to get his Doctorate of Physical Therapy. To go from spending all of our time together while dating to seeing each other twice a month while engaged has been quite the experience! We wouldn’t trade it, but needless to say, we are SO ready to be married and live in the same city, once again! The Lord has been so gracious to us throughout our time together and because of His blessings and confirmations in our relationship, we are excited to be married, May 4, 2014 in Knoxville, TN. We can’t wait to see how God uses us together, through marriage, to further His kingdom!

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