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Monday, February 17, 2014

Knoxville Wedding Photographer: RC Photography

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Wedding Photographer in Knoxville: RC Photography

I had the pleasure of meeting with Knoxville wedding photographer, Rocky Caughron, owner at RC Photography, and his lovely wife, Serena. I had so much fun learning about how his business went from just a hobby to a  business he loves. Rocky and his wife told me about how their own horrible experience with their own wedding photographer encouraged Rocky to start his business in order to give couple’s a positive experience they will remember forever. Enjoy this interview with Rocky to learn about the person and the passion behind the business!

Tell me how your passion for weddings and photography started?

I have always loved photography. I started shooting with film when I was fifteen, and then I bought my first SLR camera when I was eighteen. I use to love photography as just a hobby, but now it is a passion that has slowly turned into a business that I love.

Why did you decide to be a wedding photographer? 

My wife and I had a horrible experience with our wedding photographer. We hired someone because they were cheap, and it was a disaster. There was not one good photo from our wedding, and this horrible experience inspired me to bring a better experience to brides. We will never be able to go back and change who we hired, and we will never be able to salvage loss memories that were not appropriately captured by our photographer. However, I can make a difference in the couples lives I touch today through my own photography, and it is this passion that drives my creativity and love for what I do.

What are your favorite moments to capture at a wedding?

I love to capture all the details of the wedding day – the dress, the accessories, any diy projects, and of course the sentimental items that are special to the bride and groom. The bride spends months planning out all these details, so I make it a priority to photograph each one so she can continue to enjoy them throughout her marriage.

What is your favorite part about working with brides/couples?

I love getting to know their love story and getting to know the couple personally. I enjoy the stories of how they met, where they are going in life, and what they love about each other. It is extremely important to me to know these things in order to accurately and creatively capture their love story. It is my job to make their love story come full circle through photos, and I feel that I must to know the couple personally to make this happen.

What makes you unique?

I spend a lot of time studying and practicing the technical skills of photography, such as composition, lighting, and editing. Lighting is my specialty. I can control the lighting indoors or outside. I feel comfortable in any lighting situation.

I’m also set myself apart through creating a day-of timeline. The bride and groom have spent months planning their wedding, and I only have one day to capture it all. I create a timeline in order to know what about the wedding is special to the couple so I can make sure to capture it all.

Tell me a fun/random fact about yourself?

I like to play pranks. I once covered a co-worker’s car with 2700 sticky notes!

How would you describe your style?

I enjoy a combination of posed and unposed photography. I like to capture the couple’s personality while also incorporating those timeless, formal shots too.


What advice would you give to brides planning a wedding?

I suggest doing a first look moment. This allows the photographer to have more time to be creative and to take some awesome shots before the wedding. Otherwise, everyone feels rushed because you are making the guests wait.

I hope you enjoyed this interview with RC Photography! Rocky is a Knoxville wedding photographer who would love to meet with any couples interested in his services. His pricing starts at $1,200, and his contact info is below.

 Contact RC Photography

Website | (865) 654-5439 | [email protected]The Bride Link | Pricing: $1,200 and above.

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