Monday, February 10, 2014

Glamorous Winter Wedding Session

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Glamorous Outdoor Winter Wedding Session

You would think this couple could not get any more gorgeous than they already are…well think again!  Kristin and Mike turned this outdoor winter wedding photo shoot into an intimate and glamorous session in the meadows of New Jersey with the help of Josephine Ettinger Photography.  Kristin in her phenomenal strapless gold sequined dress and 60’s inspired hair perfects old school glamor.  Mike’s slick backed hair, blue suit coat, and fun green pocket square add a modern touch to the overall classic enchantment of the shoot.  I love the mix of the woodsy outdoors with the chic glamor of the happy couple.  This is such a fun and unique idea for a winter wedding session that I have not seen before, but I could not be more in love with!

By Brittany Rhodes

Photographer:  Josephine Ettinger Photograph | Other Location:Four Corners Farm