Sunday, January 5, 2014

Winter Wedding Photos in the Snow by JoPhoto

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Winter Wedding Photos in the Snow by JoPhoto

I am so excited to share my winter wedding photos with my husband, Michael, and JoPhoto! It doesn’t snow like this very often in Tennessee, so when JoPhoto asked Michael and me if we wanted to be their subjects for snowy, winter wedding photos, we were so in. I’ve worked behind the camera with JoPhoto for style shoots, but it was so much fun to be the models this time! I learned a lot from this experience, so I thought I would share a few tips for couples who are about to have their own wedding photos taken.

Tip 1: Trust Your Photographer

I learned from this experience that you have to trust your photographer. There are times when being in front of the camera you may think, “Are you sure this looks good? Am I doing it right?” Great photographers know how to capture you being you. You don’t have to try to look good. They will tell you where to look and how to stand. The best photos are taken when you aren’t even trying to pose. My best advice is to just enjoy being with your fiancé, cuddling and kissing, and the photographers will do the rest.

(I have to admit that it was helpful when Kathleen cheered us on saying how great we looked:) It was as though she answered my thoughts, “Is this right?”)

Tip 2: Bring Props and Add Extra Details

I can’t quite imagine what this photo shoot would have looked like without the few props we included. My coat and hat and Michael’s extra “man jewelry” was exactly what this shoot needed to add color and character. If I had not worn a bright red coat, I would have been completely lost in the white, snowy backdrop (not to mention froze to death.) Before you plan your engagement shoot or couple’s shoot, consider your surroundings and what props and attire may work best.

Tip #3: Change Your Wardrobe

Switching up your wardrobe in some way always adds creativity and character to a photo shoot. If you can, change your outfit completely, but if not, just change the accessories. I took off my red coat and added this shawl and some pearls for the photos below. It completely changed my look to a more elegant feel while the red coat was more outdoorsy and rustic. Check out “What to Wear for an Engagement Session,” for some more great ideas by JoPhoto.

Random Tip: When you don’t know what to do with your hands, always try to find a way to bend one arm. I would always have one hand in my jacket pocket or one hand on Michael’s chest. This will help you avoid looking awkward with both arms straight at your side.I hoped you found these quick little tips helpful for your own wedding photos! We had so much fun with JoPhoto, so check them out on The Bride Link for pricing and availability!

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