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Knoxville Wedding Photographer: Sullivan Photography

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Wedding Photographer in Knoxville: Sullivan Photography

I had the pleasure of interviewing Knoxville wedding photographer, Stephany Sullivan, owner at Sullivan Photography, and what a great time we had! My favorite part of this whole interview, was when Stephany asked, “I talk country. Are you getting this?” HA! She was so easy to talk to, and her deep love and devotion for her job quickly became evident. I’m coming to realize how much work and energy it takes to photograph weddings, so it excites me to meet wedding photographers like Stephany that continue to have such a love and passion for it! While reading the interview, enjoy these lovely photos of Knoxville weddings photographed by Sullivan Photography.

Tell me how your passion for weddings and photography started? 

My grandfather was a photographer, and although he died in a plane crash before I was born, I was always inspired by his work even as a child. I pursued photography in college at UT, and learned how to develop photos in a dark room. Seeing the subjects of my photos come to life in the dark room was so exciting! I came to realize that people were my favorite subjects to photograph, so I started a small wedding photography business in college. I shot my first wedding in 2003, and now I’m hooked! 

What is your favorite part about a wedding (the part that gets you in the gut every time?)

I love the first dances. The couple’s first dance, the father-daughter dance, and especially the mother-son dance. I get goose bumps every time! I guess it’s because I have a son, and I can only imagine what that mother feels. 

What is your favorite part about working with brides/couples? 

I love hearing their love story. It’s such a special thing to find the person you want to spend forever with, and the story of how that happened is so exciting! It’s also great when I become friends with the couple and am able to capture their life as their family grows. Sometimes I feel that I have become apart of their family. 

What makes you unique? 

I truly give this job all my energy and passion. Before every wedding, I remind myself, “this is their day!” No matter how tired I am, the couple has put all their energy and planning into this day, and so should I. Every bride on her wedding day gets the same focussed, passionate, Stephany they met when they hired me. It is the most important thing to me to give my all on their big day in order to make it unforgettable for the couple.

How would you describe your style? 

I love using the warmth of natural lighting to create a romantic feel in my photos. I enjoy incorporating a rustic, relaxed feel to my photos as well if the bride wants it.

When you don’t have a camera in your hand, what do you like to do for fun? 

I love the outdoors and spending time with family, so anytime I get a free weekend, that is where I am! 

Tell me about a moment at a wedding that you will never forget.

I was on my way to the wedding reception after taking photos at the ceremony site. I was going to meet the bride and groom outside the front doors before they made their grand entrance. I had to park in a parking garage and take the elevator to the top floor. I had all my camera gear hanging around my neck and weighing my shoulders down. I get in the elevator and the doors shut but the elevator never moved and I couldn’t get the doors to open. I got STUCK in the elevator! I had to push the button to have the fire truck come get me and rescue me. It was so scary! Of coarse the bride and groom didn’t have their cellphone on them so I couldn’t reach them to tell them. Once I showed up, they were patiently waiting on me and I told them what had happened. From that day on, I always ask for an emergency contact number so I can reach someone else who is attending the wedding that will have their phone on them!

Tell me a fun fact about yourself.

I can’t stand black eyed peas. However, every year on New Year’s Day I will eat ONE black eyed pea for good luck. That one black eyed pea has to last me all year long. My mom always tried to get me to eat them for our tradition on New Years but I could never do it. So one pea it is!

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