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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

DIY Christmas Garland by Ruffles and Rouge

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No-Sew, Fabric Christmas Garland

This holiday season, The Bride Link teamed up with Custom Love Gifts and JoPhoto for a style shoot themed “Our First Christmas.” We wanted to provide newlyweds with fun projects they can create together for their first Christmas as husband and wife. Shanna, from Ruffles and Rouge, teaches us how to make a no-sew Christmas garland. Enjoy the video, and be inspired by these photos from the final product of our style shoot!


Items You Will Need:

  •  Sturdy twine or ribbon.
  •  Scissors.
  • Your choice of scrap fabric cut into strips.
  •  Ribbon of your choice.
  • diy-christmas-garland.png

Step 1:

Follow the pattern below or create your own pattern using a variety of widths and textures of ribbon and fabric. Repeat the pattern until your desired length for your garland is reached. We created a short garland fit for a fireplace. You can use these same steps with long strips to create a ribbon backdrop for a wedding ceremony.


Step 2:

Loosely tie the fabric and ribbon to the thick twine. Leave a few inches of length at the top. By tying the fabric loosely, you will be able to adjust the strips as needed.


And there you have it! Did you think it would be that easy? Remember, this garland can be used year around, especially if you mix up the color options. Have fun with! 


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