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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

DIY Wedding Project: Paper Roses Tutorial

Paper Rose Tutorial by Ruffles and Rouge

These paper roses are so adorable and super easy to make! They are perfect for accent pieces at a wedding reception, decoration for vases or mason jars, or even a paper flower bouquet! Shanna, from Ruffles and Rouge, teaches us how to make these paper roses using glitter, glue, and card stock.

Watch the video to see the full tutorial and enjoy these beautiful photos from JoPhoto for a quick reference of the 5 easy steps!

How to make a paper rose

Items You Will Need:

1. Thick card stock.

2. Scissors.

3. Glue gun.

4. Glitter.

Step 1:

Cut your card stock into a circle (it does not have to be a perfect circle.)

How to make a paper rosette with cardstock

Step 2:

Cut your circle into a spiral. Remember, the thinner the strips are in your spiral, the more layers you will have in your paper rose. Leave a small circle at the end of your spiral for your “rose petals” to rest on

.How to make a paper rose out of cardstock

Step 3:

Beginning with the end that is on the outside of the circle, coil the strip of card stock around your finger until you have what looks like a rose.

How to make paper rosettes with cardstock

Step 4:

Squeeze hot glue onto the small circle at the end of your spiral. Press all your “petals” firmly to the hot glue. Cut any left over card stock away from the bottom of the rose.

How to make paper rosettes with cardstock

Step 5:

While the glue is still hot, sprinkle glitter in the center of your rose. Shake the glitter around in the bottom of the rose until the center is completely covered. Turn the rose upside down and shake out the excess glitter.

How to make a paper rosette from cardstock

Paper rosette DIY Tutorial


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