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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

4 DIY Burlap Wedding Ideas

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4 Easy, Burlap Wedding Ideas

There are so many things you can do with burlap for a wedding to add a rustic and playful touch. For today’s project, we have chosen 4 of our favorite DIY, burlap ideas to share with you! With suggestions from Lindsay, of Custom Love Gifts, these projects will be super easy. These projects include, burlap tin vases, burlap chevron bows, coffee wedding favors, and kid kits to keep the little ones busy at the reception.

 Burlap Tin Vases


Burlap tin vases are so easy to make and add a little bit of homemade charm to a table.

Items You Will Need: 

1. Tin Cans (spray painted if desired.) Hint: rip the label off a canned vegetable container.

2. Burlap ribbon or burlap cut into strips.

4. Buttons.

5. Hot Glue.

burlap wedding ideas

Spray paint your tin cans with your desired color. We wanted our cans to look very rustic, so we used a rust colored spray paint. Next, take your strips of burlap, and wrap it around the can adhering it to the can with hot glue (we used colored paper on a few of our cans to give them a pop of color.) Lastly, glue your buttons on the burlap in various groupings.


“Love is Brewing” Coffee Bag Favors

These coffee bag favors are my favorite of today’s burlap inspired projects! I can only imagine the incredible aroma that would come from a favor table filled with these little guys! Coffee favors also offer couples the opportunity to share their favorite coffee flavors with their guests. This adds a personal touch to the gift.

coffee wedding favor ideas

Items You Will Need:

1. Coffee Beans – It is best to purchase the beans in bulk at Costco or Sam’s Club. You can also use tea bags if you are not a coffee fan.

2. Burlap Bags – Can be purchased HERE.

3. Cardstock

4. Ribbon

5. Scissors

6. Hole-Punch

7. Mini Scoopers – Can be purchased HERE.

coffee wedding favor

These little favors are super easy! Fill your burlap bags with the coffee beans. Next, print off your custom “love is brewing” tags. These tags can be easily designed on a computer and printed off at home. Cut the tags to your desired size and using a hole punch, add a hole on each side of the tags. Thread your ribbon through the holes and tie your mini scooper to the ribbon. These wedding favors are quick and very cost effective!


Burlap Bow Ties

These burlap, chevron bow ties are so adorable and so versatile! For this project we tied them to silverware for a quick accent to a must-have item, but you can get creative and tie/glue them to anything!

Items You Will Need: 

1. Burlap Chevron – may be purchased HERE.

2. Plastic silverware and napkins.

3. Twine

4. Stapler

5. Scissors

burlap wedding ideas

Wrap your silverware with your napkin and set it aside. Cut your burlap strip about the same length as your silverware. As seen in the video above, make a fan with your burlap strip and staple the middle of the burlap to hold the accordion fold in place. Wrap your twine twice around the bow to cover the staple and tie it in a knot. Then, tie your burlap bow tie to your silverware. Easy peasy!


Kid Kit

If you’re having kids at your wedding, this adorable little kid kit is the best way to keep them busy! We used the same burlap bags seen in the coffee bag favor project, but this time, we filled them with items that kids will love. We suggest including items such as crayons and paper, costume jewelry, suckers, etc. The Dollar Store is a great place to find fun, little items like these.

Items you will Need: 

1. Burlap Bags – May be purchased HERE.

2. Toys and Candy

3. Tags – May be handmade or purchased HERE.

wedding favor ideas

This project is as easy as it looks! Simply fill the bags with your favorite kid toys, and write the children’s names on the tag or simply write “Kid Kit.” These tags can be made with card stock and a hole punch or purchased HERE..

I hope you enjoy making these four burlap, DIY projects! If you have any questions, comment below!

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