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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Romantic Outdoor Engagement Session

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Outdoor Engagement Session by Amie Reinholz Photography

There is so much to love about this romantic outdoor engagement session by Amie Reinholz Photography. The session is broken up into three parts that show all the fun sides of the couple. The first part of the engagement session takes place at a rustic barn, which is the reception venue for the couple’s wedding. Second, the couple looked angelic in white, with a beautiful natural back ground. This part of the engagement session is my favorite- the bride-to-be looks right in her element. She even made the baby’s breath floral crown! Lastly, the couple finished their engagement session by glamming it up a bit downtown. Sunny’s black glitter dress is so chic! This duo definitely has some great style to offer- much less their amazing love story!

Amie Reinholz recaps the couple’s love story:

Parker and Sunny met in Junior High and became great friends. While Sunny had a HUGE crush on Parker, he had a girlfriend so she kept her feelings a secret. Once Parker graduated, the two lost touch. Fast forward a couple of years and the couple reconnected while in college and have been together ever since!

The proposal: Parker planned a romantic birthday weekend for Sunny in Hot Springs, AR in October of 2012. He made reservations at the beautiful Arlington Hotel which also included a day at the spa for Sunny and brunch on their last day. Sunny thought it was a little out of character for Parker to plan such an extravagant surprise, but when Friday and Saturday passed, she realized it was just a really sweet birthday gift. However, at brunch on Sunday, Parker told her to save room for dessert. Sunny knew he had told them it was her birthday and began to get nervous for the whole birthday song and dance- she hated being the center of attention. Sure enough, the piano man began to play and sing while the waiter brought out her birthday dessert. To Sunny’s surprise the dessert had a little red box next to it. Hoping it wasn’t earrings since she had been patiently waiting for 8 years to marry this man, she opened the box to the most beautiful vintage engagement ring! She looked at Parker (who was laughing and crying at the same time) to see if he was going to get down on one knee because she didn’t know what to do next. He said “I could have thrown the ring to you and known what you were gonna say!” Of course she said yes and they are planning their wedding for this November.

How sweet is that?!

By Cailyn McCool

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