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Monday, July 8, 2013

Country Picnic Engagement Shoot by Ivy Lee Photography

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Country Picnic Engagement Shoot

When I saw this sweet, southern, picnic engagement shoot by Ivy Lee Photography, I knew I had to share it with you! Ivy Lee not only created an adorable picnic setting, but they perfectly captured the romance and love shared between the couple, Josh and Jamie.

The DIY chalkboards immediately stood out and caught my attention. I love adding a chalkboard to the setting, because not only does it add another visual element to the photos, but it helps tell a story with simple phrases.

I am also completely swooning over the vintage lanterns, quilts, and apples that make this engagement shoot feel like you are right at home in the South!

Not only are the props of this engagement shoot adorable, but so is the couple! It is so obvious that Josh and Jamie are so in love, and these photos prove it!

Jamie, the future bride-to-be, shares their love story:

“Josh and I met through a friend of my parents that he worked with. She told my parents that I needed to meet him because he was one of the sweetest, nicest, kindest guys that she had ever known. It turns out she was right! My parents asked me if they could give my number to her to then give to Josh, and I said yes.

He called me a few days later and we talked for over an hour three separate times that week! We exchanged pictures and went out for the first time on March 5, 2011. Unfortunately, we could only see each other every other weekend for a few months because of his work schedule and we live an hour apart. However, it did not take me long to see how incredibly sweet, kind, loving, and easy-going he is.

We had been dating almost two years when he proposed. He popped the question the weekend after Valentine’s Day, 2013. He brought me a dozen roses, gave them to me, and said “Aren’t they pretty?” Which I replied, “Yes they are!” Then he said, “What about that one right there? Isn’t that one pretty?” And again, I replied “Yes! It is very pretty!” Lastly, he pointed to a specific rose in the middle of the bouquet and said “This one isn’t pretty?” And right beside it I noticed a red velvet ring box. When I saw it, I didn’t know what to say. He took it out and asked me to marry him. He was so nervous that he even forgot to get down on one knee! So, after he asked me, he said “Oh, I better get down on one knee!” It was so sweet! We are getting married October 5, 2013, and we couldn’t be more excited!”

It’s hearing stories like this that make my job worthwhile. I had so much fun with this post, enjoy!

Josh and Jamie did a great job picking out great colors to wear for their outdoor engagement shoot! The reds and blacks are bold, and really stand out against the scenery but flow with the natural colors of the country as well!

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