Tuesday, July 16, 2013

3 Best Websites for Bridesmaids!

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Our 3 Favorite Websites to Shop for Bridesmaids!

Shopping for your bridesmaid’s dresses and accessories is so fun when you know the right places to go! Well, we have done the work for you and found our favorite websites that offer a full range of dresses, shoes, and jewelry that will make any bridesmaid feel special.

1. ModCloth

ModCloth has so many options of adorable dresses that can easily be matched or mismatched! One of our favorite looks is the mismatched bridesmaid trend. This look allows each bride to have an individual style. Simply choose a color and have each bridesmaid wear a different shade. It is so much fun! ModCloth also offers stunning dresses at affordable prices. With most of their dresses being under $100, your bridesmaids will thank you for choosing ModCloth!

2. Ruche

Ruche is one of our top three favorite websites for bridesmaids dresses, because they consistently provide the most elegant and classy dresses for an affordable price. With a majority of their prices being below $100, your bridesmaids will love you for choosing Ruche! Ruche dresses also offer a selection of dresses that fit any occasion, so your lovely maids can wear them again and again!

3. The Dessy Group

Our favorite part about Dessy is how easy it is to find the exact color you need! Every dress has so many colors to choose from making it easy to mix and match styles and colors.

The most fun dress to mix and match from Dessy is the The Twist Convertible Bridesmaid Dress! One dress converts into a variety of styles so that you can give each bridesmaid a unique look! They will love you for choosing this dress, because they will be able to wear it again and again! Click HERE to see all the different ways you can wrap this dress.

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