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Friday, June 21, 2013

Fall Engagement Shoot in Nashville, TN

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Fall Engagement Shoot by Joe Hendricks Photography

There are few things quite as romantic as a glowing sunset, which is exactly what Joe Hendricks Photography used as a backdrop for this Nashville couple’s engagement shoot. However, the scenery isn’t the only special thing about this shoot. Kaitlin and Kyle also chose to include their pup in the photos! I’m dying over the pink doggie t-shirt that reads “My mommy and daddy are getting married!” Kaitlin and Kyle really made this shoot personal with the inclusion of their dog, college alma mater tees, and a plaque with meaningful dates. It’s clear this couple knows how to be themselves and have fun!

I love that Kaitlin wore her cowboy boots. After all, they are in Nashville! The couple’s respective college tees add a fun, laid back vibe and a personal touch to the photos. Lastly, one of my favorite elements of this shoot, is the plaque with milestone dates. Now neither of them have an excuse for missing an anniversary! Take a look at this fun Nashville couple’s engagement photos below!

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