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Saturday, April 20, 2013

5 Unique Wedding Dress Details

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Stunning Wedding Dress Details We Love!

We have featured some amazing wedding dresses on The Bride Link, and we thought is was completely necessary to share them all with you and why we love them! From vintage lace wedding dresses to ruffled beauties, we hope you enjoy these gowns and find them as inspiring as we do!

Vintage Elegance

These vintage wedding dresses are some of our most favorite lace gowns we’ve seen on The Bride Link. The buttons down the back of the dress worn by the bride in Elizabeth Kate’s photo is to die for!

Southern Charm

These gowns combine both the simplicity of the south with it’s unique charm. I could totally see the ballroom gown worn by bride in the second photo at a wedding on a plantation in Georgia. I mean look at that corset back! I also am head-over-heels in love with the pockets on the dress worn by Jordan, a Nashville bride that perfectly rocked a simple gown and a fishtail braid.

Ruffles Galore

Ruffles, ruffles, and more ruffles! It does not get any more feminine than a wedding dress with ruffled accents, and these are two of our favorites! Bettina’s winter wedding dress, seen in the first photo, is definitely a show stopper.

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