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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Unique Wedding Ideas

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10 Unique Wedding Ideas

Having trouble brainstorming new, creative ideas for your special day? Let us help you with these 10 unique wedding themes we are sharing with you today! I am excited to debut these one-of-a-kind weddings that have been featured on The Bride Link Blog all in one place! I hope you will gather some inspiration for your special day! My personal favorite from the list we are sharing today is the “Sparkle and Glam” wedding theme! A girly girl at heart, I can never deny anything with glitter and sparkle! What is your favorite theme?

1. Schoolhouse Wedding by Leah Bullard Photography

Imagine saying “I do” underneath a grand oak tree, and then having your reception in an old schoolhouse! I am loving this creative idea! This wedding is filled with several fun surprises that have me gasping at every picture.

2. Whimsical Garden Wedding by Candice Benjamin Photography

This whimsical, bright, and fun wedding is so happy and joyful my cheeks hurt from smiling! With several youthful touches, this wedding is definitely unique and one of my favorites. The couple even gave away vintage coke bottles with personalized tags for wedding favors, how adorable is that?

3. Vibrant City Wedding by Kristin La Voie Photography

City weddings can be hard to make bright and colorful with the gray city backdrop. This Chicago wedding is far from that, overflowing with vibrant shades of purple and pink that have my heart thumping! I also love the unique decor made from paper goods. With the help of Tam Tam designs (owned by the bride herself,) everything from the escort cards and table numbers, to the flower arch at the ceremony, was designed with paper! Definitely a one-of-a-kind city wedding!

4. Sparkle and Glam Wedding by Dixie Pixel Photography

I can’t think of a better theme for a New Years Wedding than all things glitter and glamorous! On top of all the jaw dropping sparkle, there are so many classy and glamorous elements incorporated into this wedding as well. Not to mention some amazing art eye-candy! Even though this theme is very fitting for New Years, it can be done at any time of year. This one is my favorite, for sure!

5. Southern Plantation Wedding by Watson-Studio Photography

This Southern Plantation Wedding definitely takes the cake for not missing a detail to include in their themed wedding! I mean, look at those bridesmaid dresses! What a great Southern theme! I am absolutely swooning over the brides dress and head piece. What a beauty!

6. Victorian Wedding by Reese Moore Weddings

My, oh my! I had to catch my breath after looking at this stunning Victorian Wedding. I feel like I was just transported back in time to the Pride and Prejudice era, and I am loving it! I mean, look at the details of that dress with the corset backing. Definitely something Elizabeth Bennet would wear on her wedding day!

7. Outdoor Wedding in the Woods by Watson-Studios Photography

Ever thought about taking a little hike before exchanging your vows and saying “I do” on your wedding day? Well, this outdoor wedding in the woods is one of a kind nestled in a cozy area in the middle of the forrest! If you are outdoorsy and love nature, this unique wedding is for you!

8. Old Time Wedding by Dixie Pixel Photography

I adore this old-time wedding at Cades Cove! The bride flawlessly pulled of the vintage-bride look with a netted headpiece, and cowgirl boots! I can image a wedding like this taking place many, many years ago in this one-room church house! This wedding takes me back to a simpler time, swoon!

9. Woodland Fairytale Wedding by Sarah C. Photography

This fairytale wedding ignites my inner child and creativity side, and I can’t get enough of it! The woodland setting is absolutely stunning with the rustic, fairytale details dipping into the landscape. The bride is completely in her element, which is what really matters on your special day! Don’t be afraid to choose a fun theme that you love and feel comfortable in!

10. Bohemian Wedding by Brandon Chesbro

Style, style, style! This couple is to die for in their bohemian wedding fashion; the bride’s dress even has pockets! I am so in love with her relaxed fishtail braid, and bright turquoise jewelry. Another great bohemian touch are the hand-picked bouquets. Anyone can pull off this unique theme!

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