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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Knoxville Wedding at Candoro Marble Company

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Knoxville Wedding by Expressive Moments Photography

Knoxville wedding photographers, Amy and Kristy of Expressive Moments Photography, are such an awesome choice for wedding photography in Knoxville, because you get double the creativity and double the coverage on your wedding day!

These ladies are so high energy, they don’t miss a beat on your big day.

I have had the privilege to know Amy and Kristy through The Bride Link, and they are always smiling and bringing excitement to the moment.

They are always professional, return emails on time, and make all their brides feel comfortable in front of the camera.

I highly recommend Expressive Moments to any bride looking for photographers that will make their day special and stress-free!

This adorable Knoxville wedding was held at Candoro Marble Company. Such a unique Knoxville wedding venue! 

Kristy Hamilton:

“The best part of my job is meeting so many new people. I love hearing stories and watching people interact. I have to remind myself that that’s what life is about…living your life, sharing it with others, and taking the time to appreciate the small things in life. This is exactly my goal in photography. I want to capture these small moments in time for you in a way that will last forever.”

Amy Daniels: 

“One thing I love about my job is what some people may find boring—the technical stuff. I really love to play with lighting in a unique way to make people look great! I know I love the feeling when I look at a certain photo of myself and think, “Hey, I look pretty good in that one.” It is a wonderful feeling, and that’s exactly what I want to do for you. I can’t wait to meet you and I’d love to help you show off images of your beautiful family!”

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