Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Day After Session

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I was a bride three years ago (wow how time flies!) and there were many things I never knew existed in the wedding world. One being the “day after session.”

The “day after session” is a photo shoot with you and your husband that takes place the day after your wedding (or anytime after your honeymoon.)

This photo shoot is great for so many reasons!

1. You don’t have to worry about anything! Unlike on your wedding day, it’s ok if your dress gets dirty or your hair falls out of place. Take your shoes off, and wear your hair down. Relax! This will allow your photographer to really get creative with your poses and the location of the shoot.

2. Time is not an issue. In order for everything to run smoothly on your wedding day, you are on a strict schedule. Sometimes, there is simply not enough time to get all the creative shots that you and your photographer envisioned. With the “day after session,” there is!

 3. It’s just you and your husband! Unlike on the wedding day, the “day after session is a time for you and your husband to be together without the wedding party or family members posing around you. This will allow the photos be more relaxed, romantic, and less posed.

Here are some great “day after session” tips! 

1. Get your dress a little dirty! If you are not sentimental about getting your dress dirty, use this session to have fun in your dress. You of course do not have to ruin your dress completely, but consider getting it wet or a little muddy. Water and mud can be removed at the cleaners. Can you imagine a photo shoot in the sand and water?

2. Choose a jaw-dropping location. On your wedding day, you are limited as to where you can go for photos, so for your “day-after-session”, choose a location that is special to you! Consider in the woods, among wildflowers, or even in a tree!3. Add some props. Do you have a pet or a favorite car that you could add as a prop? Bring them along! Photos are so much more meaningful if you incorporate things that are special to you and your husband

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