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Friday, November 9, 2012

Why Should you Hire a Wedding Videographer?

As a former bride and a wedding professional, here is my take on the importance of hiring a wedding videographer.

Video captures the sounds of the day that photos cannot.

It captures the quiver in your voice when you are about to cry while saying your vows.

It captures funny sayings in the dressing room among your bridesmaids, and it captures the crazy dancing and music at the reception.

With this said, having a videographer is worth it only if you have an experienced videographer that knows how to capture these things in a creative way.

In my opinion, it is not worth the money if your wedding videographer takes video of the same things as the photographer then plays music in the background.

You want a video that shows what your photos do not and the sounds that photos cannot


The three videograhers below do an amazing job at accomplishing this goal. Check out their work to get inspired for your own wedding! Link with them on The Bride Link for pricing and availability.

Tammy Akard of Sweet T.E.A. productions is perfect for a bride that wants a professional, high quality video that truly captures the sweet sounds that photos cannot. It is so great for brides to have a female videographer that can help the bride feel at ease in the dressing room to film the getting ready shots. Tammy’s gentle spirit and creative eye make her a highly recommended videographer from The Bride Link!


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Nicholas and KeatonThe best way to describe brothers Casey and Zack Peddicord of Nicholas & Keaton is fun, energetic, and creative! Their wedding videos capture the most memorable parts of your day, and these guys don’t miss a beat! I have worked with Zack and Casey on several occasions, and I confidently refer their services to any bride!

(865) 335-0765

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Be Still My Heart FilmsLisa Huber of Be Still My Heart Films is both a videographer and photographer. Her expertise and artistic ability as a photographer overflow through creative wedding videography. She captures as much audio as possible in order to deliver a video that tells the unique story of each couple.


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