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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wedding Ideas: The “Unplugged Wedding” by Tammy Akard

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Knoxville Wedding Videographer, Tammy Akard of Sweet T.E.A Productions, shares with us today the idea of an “unplugged wedding.”

Today’s world of i-pads, digital cameras, and cell phones has transformed the world of weddings!

Check out Tammy’s take on this new idea of being unplugged and more engaged at the most important day of a couple’s lives.

The Big Moment is about to happen.  Music is playing, guests are seated, and your groom is nervously standing up front waiting for your grand entrance.  You’ve played this moment out in your head thousands of times.  As you start walking down the aisle…flash, click, click, flash.  Your guests think they are the professional photographers.  Then all of a sudden out steps Uncle Bob with his ipad.  Did he just step on your dress? Fast forward a little bit to your vows. You take a deep breath to soak it all in.  You glance at your guests and notice several of them staring at their smart phones.  Really? Yes.

Welcome to the modern wedding where your bridals can be uploaded to facebook and twitter before you even say I do.  This is wonderful if you are a high tech bride and love all this technology at your wedding.  But, there is a new trend starting and it is called “The Unplugged Wedding.”  Guests are encouraged to turn their cell phones off and put their cameras down and be truly engaged during the event.  After all, there is a professional videographer and photographer hired to capture all the details.

As a videographer it can be very challenging to shoot around guests. For example, we are filming your first dance.  All of a sudden Uncle Bob thinks he is the next best filmmaker and does a 360 around you with his ipad.  Oh, and your aunt needs a close up with her camera, so she practically knocks you over to get her picture.  Guess what? They will be in your video.  Now, I’m not saying you need to ban cameras, cell phones, and ipads from your wedding.  I know family members love to capture the big day.  This is just a new trend to think about.  Personally, I would love for my guests to be engaged at my wedding and not watching the event through an LCD screen.  Maybe that’s just me.  You can always ask your guests to unplug for the ceremony.  It’s a start, and your videographer and photographer will appreciate it.

These great templates can be found on offbeatbride.com

This wonderful video from Sweet T.E.A Productions is how your wedding video should look, free of interfering i-pads and flashes from other cameras!

Ashley + Erik from Tammy Akard on Vimeo.

Photo by Nora & Troy at Aurora-Photography.com via OffBeatBride.com

photo used with permission of Dixie Pixel.

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