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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Mr. and Mrs. Session by Brittany Conner Photography

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Knoxville Wedding Photographer, Brittany Conner, brings style, creativity, and fun to wedding photography!

Brittany creatively calls this photo shoot the Mr. and Mrs. Session.

“The Mr. and Mrs. session is a photo shoot where a married couple can get back into their wedding attire and have fun all over again! This couple has been married five years, and the bride wanted fresh photos that could complement the few she had from her wedding.”

“This session is great for a bride and groom that did not have enough time or the right conditions on their wedding day to have the photos they always dreamed of. If it rains on your wedding day or things are just too busy for the creative shots, then a Mr. and Mrs. session is perfect for you!”

“During a Mr. and Mrs. session, a bride and groom can relax, not feel like they are going to get dirty or ruin their clothes. Many times, brides consider a Mr. and Mrs. session to replace the trash the dress session.”

“Every bride and groom deserves to have wedding photos worthy of large canvases for their home, and the Mr. and Mrs. session is a great way to do that!”

Find Brittany on The Bride Link and send her a link request for more information.

This bride’s beautiful red roses were complements of Lisa Foster Floral Design.  

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