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Monday, May 7, 2012

10 Must Share Wedding Photos

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The Bride Link represents the talents of Knoxville’s best wedding photographers. I am constantly amazed at the love, laughter, and creativity that these photographers express with each click of the camera.

The photos below are a few of my personal favorites that represent different emotions while showcasing each photographers unique talent and style.

Enjoy, and show some love for your favorite photo below!


Waldorf Photographic Art will go wherever necessary to capture an unforgettable photo. The photo below is the result of a four mile climb to the top of The Chimneys in the Smokey Mountains. I’d say it was worth it!

Waldorf Photographic Art

I love this creative use of elevators by Sullivan Photography.

Wedding Photographers in Knoxville

Katherine Birkbeck captured the love of this couple through the rain.

Rainy Wedding

Dixie Pixel is famous for her talents of capturing the emotions of the wedding day.

Dixie Pixel Photography

This photo by Jennie Andrews is priceless and definitely a must share!

Jennie Andrews Photography

In addition to capturing a couples’ personality, Brittany Conner is a master at capturing color and light.

Brittany Conner Photography

With shots like this, Julie Roberts knows how to make every bride feel gorgeous.

Leah Bullard surprises each couple with her creative touches.

Engagement shoot knoxville

Husband and wife team, JoPhoto knows how to capture the genuine romance between a couple.


Candace Wilson times each click of her camera perfectly to capture first look moments like this.

Candace Wilson Photography

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