Monday, January 23, 2012

How to Choose a Wedding Dress

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From the shape of the bust line, to the ruching on the waist, every part of a wedding dress has an effect on the appearance of your body shape. With a few tips, choosing a wedding dress will be fun and easy. Remember, no matter what your body shape, there is a dress that will flatter it perfectly and make you feel gorgeous. You just have to know what to look for!



The Bust Line

When choosing a bust line, remember the goal is to balance your bust line with your hipline. 

If you have a small bust line, try...

1. A sweetheart neckline

2. A dress with rushing or embellishments on the bust

3. Or an empire waist dress.

4. A halter-top is also an option.


If you have a large bust line try...

1. An A-line or Full Skirt will balance the hips and with the bust line

2. A tip-of-the-shoulder will give you a little more coverage

3. A slight dip in the neckline will soften the bust line. A modified sweetheart neckline is perfect for this.

Avoid halter-tops and strapless necklines that go straight across. They may make you appear top heavy, and deep sweetheart necklines may show too much cleavage.

The Waistline

Every bride wants a small waistline! Here are a few tips to look for to help you find the perfect dress for your waist…

  1. Ruching that gathers to one side of your waist is very slimming
  2. An A-line with a tip-of-the shoulder sleeve makes the waist appear smaller.
  3. A corset or lace up backing narrows the waist.
  4. A belt or sash is stylish and slimming.


If you have a long waist, look for a dropped waistline, and if you have a short waist, look for a natural waistline.


Rushing is a girls best friend. It hides unwanted areas while accenting the curves you want to show.

Remember, these are just tips. If you see a dress you love that breaks these rules, try it on anyway! There are always exceptions. 

Special thanks to the style experts at Wedding Wonderland and Randy Fenoli’s wonderful article in Brides Magazine (2011 p.220-225).


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