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Monday, December 26, 2011

Trash the Dress: Will Your Daughter Really Wear it in 30 Years?

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When the wedding is over, the bride has two options: preserve her dress or trash her dress!!

I know this may sound crazy, but what is the point of saving a wedding dress? Is your daughter really going to wear your wedding dress in 30 years? It will be outdated by then! Why not have one last amazing photo shoot in the most beautiful dress you will ever wear in a gorgeous setting that was too "dirty" for your wedding day.

Check out the photos above for  inspiring places for a "trash the dress" session.


The options with water are endless!!

Having a Destination Wedding? Use the Beach to Trash Your Dress!





Many of these "trash the dress" brides will end up throwing away their dress. However, professional cleaners can still preserve  a "trashed dress" depending on the damage to the dress. If you still want to keep your dress but you also want  a "trash the dress" photo shoot, consult a professional cleaner before the shoot.

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