Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Wedding Inspirations

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Fall Wedding Inspirations

The options that a fall wedding presents are ENDLESS!! Here are a few photos and tips that will inspire your fall taste. 

Pine Cones

Pine cones offer a fun, inexpensive way to decorate for a fall wedding!


Go in your backyard and pick a basketful of pinecones

to use as accent decorations at your fall wedding.

You can use them as name tag holders,

fill a wicker basket, or set them between candles. 

The options are endless! 



Pumpkins offer both a taste and decoration option. Pumpkin soup would be a great appetizer and a pumpkin spice wedding cake would be to die for!! 



Warm colored flowers can turn an ordinary cake into a fall inspired MASTERPIECE!


Do you love chocolate? Using a dark

chocolate icing offset with a warm colored

flower can be an object of fall elegance on

your groom's cake table. 


You can have your baker create warm colored sugar

flowers to accent your bride's cake.

These eatible poppies took this boring white cake and

made it into a fall inspired piece of art. 


A simple chocolate ribbon and warm toned roses gave this cake the fall look that it needed!


Flowers There are no limits to what flowers you can use for fall! Almost everyflowers has a warm color option. 


Sunflowers are so fun!

Their flirty petals and 

warm color options make

them a perfect choice for a

fall wedding.


Oh how I love these dark browns with

the contrasting ivory roses! They are

so romantic!


Dahlias are a popular choice for fall boquets.

Their round edges make for a cute bridesmaid 



Using gourds can save you from buying an

expensive vase, and they look amazing! You

could use this idea for a centerpiece or accent

piece for any table at your rehearsal dinner or



Fun Fall Favors


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