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Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 5 Proposal Story: She Thought He was Breaking up with Her!!

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Proposal Story Told by Erin Sanford

Ok well we were planning on having a date night at a nice restaurant on Tuesday night to celebrate Bo’s internship in D.C., but Bo called me on Monday to tell me he decided he was going to go to a fundraiser Tuesday night instead and wanted to cancel the date night I was VERY much looking forward to, so needless to say, I was NOT thrilled. So about two hours before the fundraiser Bo was supposedly going to, I get a call from him asking me if he could come over for a bit. Of course I said yes, but did not bother to get dolled up for him. He finally gets there about an hour later, and sits down on the couch when he walks in and immediately I could tell something was wrong. He said “Erin, I have a confession, there is no fundraiser, but we need to talk. I’m afraid there has just been a big misunderstanding.” So of course I freak out inside and run to get my tennis shoes on and we headed out to go on a drive so we could talk.  

"I’m afraid there has just been a big misunderstanding.”

The whole time I’m thinking “ok, he’s evaluated his life, and I’m no longer in it. He is probably going to break up with me!” So I was mentally preparing myself as Bo stumbled for words. And then he goes “Erin, I’m afraid you’ve gotten the wrong idea, that you’ve gotten your hopes up for something…I’m just afraid you heard I ran into your dad at lunch on Friday and with our big date and all I was just afraid you’d get your hopes up for something that wasn’t going to happen.” At that moment it clicked, he thought I was thinking he was going to propose! 

"He is probably going to break up with me!” 

Bo proceeded to tell me, that despite the fact he had always thought promise rings were ridiculous, he had bought one for me and wanted to give it to me but didn’t want me to think it was an engagement ring. He just HANDED me this box, acting like it was no big deal so I opened it and there sat a ring inside a Markman’s box BUT this ring, when I looked at it, all I could think was “heart shaped…ok, odd.” and “RED.” I justified it in my mind and just said to myself “it won’t match much, but it’s kind of pretty.” I hugged his neck and thanked him so much for it and really pretended to like it a lot and slipped it on my finger. I thought the conversation was over and we could finally eat and just sit by the lake. Bo reached into the bag to get our food out and instead had another box and said, “Well, I’m so glad you didn’t know I was going to propose because I’ve wanted to do this for a VERY long time.” He then got on his knee opened a box with a BEAUTIFUL ring in it and said “Erin, will you marry me?!” 

He then got on his knee opened a box with a BEAUTIFUL ring in it and said “Erin, will you marry me?!”

I just said “OF COURSE!! I CANT BELIEVE THIS, I CANT BELIEVE THIS!!” I went from thinking he was trying to find the words to break it off, to thinking I got a red, heart-shaped promise ring, to I’m ENGAGED. That was a crazy emotional roller coaster, but I wouldn’t change a thing!


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